Father Angelo Against the World


That’s me on the pillar! Off to Vermont to stay at Our Lady of Ephesus House of Prayer. At the end of my retreat there back in November, Mary Tarinelli invited me to preach at the yearly Divine Mercy Day that Her and her husband Don sponsor. I plan to get in a little day of recollection in on Monday. Be back soon.

Meanwhile here is the AirMaria interview with Mary about the House of Prayer.

Actually, my habit is not that ragged.

From One Hiatus to Another


I am back with a new Standing Fast video after breaking for a long while for various reasons. Expect new Standing Fast videos to be up on AirMaria on a weekly basis. I have a few in the can. I will not be posting here again until probably Friday.

I am off to my yearly retreat. Unfortunately, I am not going to La Verna, pictured above, where St. Francis of Assisi received the stigmata, but the place where I am going is nice enough. BTW, if you ever get a chance to go to La Verna you won’t be disappointed. It is the most ideal place for a retreat you could imagine: Quiet, holy and spectacularly beautiful. One day I would like to give a retreat there myself.

I will be leaving for Australia on the November 11 and will back in December. I will be visiting our friars there and giving a retreat to some men in Perth who are interested in the Knights of Lepanto. While I am away for that, I will post as often as I can.

Pray for me and I will pray for all of you.

Stand fast and never surrender.

Ave Maria!

Mary Victix at the Foot of the Cross


I just completed a whirlwind trip to Birmingham, Alabama and Indianapolis, Indiana, leaving Wednesday last week and returning last night. Glad to be back.

I attended the EWTN Global Catholic Radio Conference. AIRMARIA will be branching out to radio with new content and greater reach. Please, pray for the licensing issues that we will confront this week.

On Saturday I was at Our Lady of the Greenwood Church in Greenwood, Indiana for our Marian Conference on Our Lady, Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate. It was the 90th anniversary of the solar miracle at Fatima, so it was a wonderful occasion that generated much enthusiasm. Scott Hahn, Archbishop Raymond Burke, Mark Miravalle, Father Pablo Straub, Raymond de Souza and our own Father Peter Damian Fehlner spoke on the Fifth Marian Dogma. Dana Scallon very graciously emceed and did a tremendous job.

I believe this event marks a new phase in the effort to defend and explain this most important Marian truth. With the likes of Archbishop Burke and Scott Hahn front and center on this issue we march forward to winning for our Queen a new victory.

At the heart of spirit of Marian Chivalry is the desire for honor–for the honor of God, and of His Queen Mother. St. Maximilian, the great knight of the Immaculate, said: “He who fails to honor the Mother, dishonors the Son.”

The Immaculate Mediatrix personifies all that is true, good and beautiful. Fealty to her is sweet and beneficial. She is worth dying for. May this be our honor. St. Maximilian writes:

Allow me to praise You, O most holy Virgin, with my personal commitment and sacrifice. Allow me to live, work, suffer, be consumed and die for You, just for You. Allow me to bring the whole world to You. Allow me to contribute to Your ever greater exaltation, to Your greatest possible exaltation. Allow me to give you such glory that on one else has ever given You up to now. Allow other to surpass me in zeal for Your exaltation, and me to surpass them, so that by means of such noble rivalry Your glory may increase ever more profoundly, ever more rapidly, ever more intensely as He who has exalted You so indescribably above all other beings Himself desires.

When will Fathers defend Fatherhood?


AirMaria has posted a link to a disturbing article on the relationship of fatherlessness to the rising crime rate in Newark, New Jersey. The author Steven Malanga is astonished by the fact the the starkness of the situation has been largely ignored by those in positions of responsibility, including the clergy.

No problem could be more obvious, nor silence on the matter more devastating. Nevertheless, instead of coming out swinging in homilies against the disparagement of fatherhood, too often homilies begin with “My sisters and brothers”–a bone tossed to the feminists for no good reason. Why should anyone apologize for the fact that women are not men? Women are not being helped by this, and most of them are not impressed by men who wring their hands over bogus feminist gripes.

Angry women are angry because fathers have not been fatherly, not because fatherhood and manliness are brutal. Our effeminate age is one of the main culprits behind male irresponsibility and brutality.

Angry children are angry, because they have no guidance and no control. No one makes reasonable expectations of them, and then gives them the means to achieve them. In a word, they are without fathers.

It is so frustrating that “fathers” in civil life and in the pulpit think themselves acting on behalf of the common good by giving us more mush, and less fatherhood.

The dysfunctional family is both nuclear and societal. It is a crisis of fatherhood. It needs to end now.

Chivalry Retreat at Encampment


Our Spring Encampment was a kind of introduction into Marian Chivalry. Between the two campfires Friday and Saturday night, the morning conferences on Saturday, the Mass homilies and the little ferverinos here and there, the men and boys got a good dose of the spirit of Lepanto.

This link to AirMaria will take you to a video excerpt of a conference I gave to the boys: An Introduction to Chivalry. Good for both men and boys.