Webmaster’s Whereabouts

International Troublemaker.

Just finished speaking on the friars radio show. I touched on some of the issues I will be speaking about on this weekend’s men’s retreat. For the achived file of the radio show, go here and click on the Gate of Heaven link at 20:00.

2 thoughts on “Webmaster’s Whereabouts

  1. Ave Maria!

    G’day Fr. Angelo. Glad to hear you made it. Hope the tucker is adequate. Cenacle Sunday was completed in your absence. Father Ignatius was a real trooper and we are much edified. Father Bonaventure was “unleashed” and we are duly chastened. Plans are being laid for Thanksgiving and for professions in December.

    Have a steak on the barbie for us!

    Safe travels,

    From an insignificant portion of your penitential flock,

    Ave Maria!

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