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Mary Victrix is a blog that focuses on Christian chivalry in a Marian key, or Marian Chivalry.  It develops the tradition of chivalry as it has passed through St. Francis in the Middle Ages, St. Maximilian Kolbe in the twentieth century and into the new millennium through Blessed Pope John Paul II.

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Rest in Peace, Brother Martin

I want to take a moment to ask for prayers for the repose of the soul of one of our earliest and most faithful tertiaries in the United States, Brother Martin, a.k.a.,  Alex DeMaio.  He has several cousins who are also Tertiaries.  Please remember his children and family in your prayers as well.

Brother Martin, was “old faithful.”  A quiet man, whose presence could be counted on, early every Third Order Sunday and every Day with Mary.  He was always cheerful and always kept the faith.  He was always an example of what was best about our third order.  He was as all franciscans ought to be: “a thoroughly Catholic and apostolic man.

I will miss the kindness and support he offered to me, personally, and I know others will as will.  He was a pillar of the Institute in Connecticut.

We need your prayers as well, Brother Martin!  Don’t forget us.

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