Alice von Hildebrand on Moral Courage

This perverse view has been carefully prepared by a so called “education,” aiming at convincing us that there are no absolute moral truths: they are all relative and depend upon the time and the culture that one happens to live it. It was declared to be “high time” to liberate ourselves from paralyzing taboos which have kept us in bondage. This view also justifies “same sex marriage” – a moral abomination that threatens the very fabric of society and that a no- nonsense Italian peasant would condemn on the ground that “no door can be opened if lock and key are identical.” From time immemorial – starting with Genesis – marriage has been declared to be the union of a man and a woman – whose spiritual, intellectual, affective and biological structures are so admirably complementary. Today in our morally decadent world, it is neither prudent nor politically correct to proclaim clearly and loudly that the natural moral law is as valid today as it was when given to Moses on Mount Sinai. It is a risky affair to proclaim the objectivity of truth and of moral values in our society seeped in “dictatorial relativism.”

5 thoughts on “Alice von Hildebrand on Moral Courage

  1. I took my oldest son to a naturopath to check his iron levels. The first words out of her mouth when we sat in her office were: “do you believe in absolutes?”

  2. She said it all, and, with such color! We need to beg Our Lady to ask her Son to grant us an increase of the grace of Fortitude

  3. Wow! Mrs. Von Hildebrand hit the nail on the head. As parents we need to actively form our children’s moral conscience so they can have that “moral courage” necessary to stand firm against this morally decadent world. This “dictatorial relativism” that Mrs. Von Hildebrand refers to is seeping in through our own school systems. Our children no longer go to school to learn reading, writing and arithmetic; every aspect of their education has been sabotaged to push an amoral inclusive agenda that does not reflect the moral truths of our faith. I encourage parents to be very vigilant of their children’s education, Our Lord entrusted them to us; not the education system. I homeschooled both my children and am happy to say they are both very strong in their faith and pursuing their vocation(one with the Missionaries of Charity and the other with the Franciscans) It can be done!….with our Lady’s guidance and intercession we can build an army to stand firm for our Lord and console His most Sacred Heart.

  4. A great quote, Father. Thank you for sharing it. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Mrs von Hildebrand after an appearance at Providence College a handful of years ago. In her presentation, and for a few minutes in conversation afterwards, I was struck by her elegance, warmth and charm, and further, how these attributes did not seem to conflict one iota with her firmness and expressed conviction about the moral life, the perennial wisdom of the Church, and the times in which we find ourselves. This is an authentic Catholic woman living in a very unCatholic age. As I thanked her for coming during our brief encounter afterwards, she at once took my hand and looked at me and said, “No, No–Thank YOU.” She thanked me for coming to listen to her and she meant it. Her hand was soft and her gaze and manner gentle. She turned my gratitude around and effortlessly handed it back to me with grace. I thought to attempt to try and return the gratitude to her but at once knew it would be futile. She did not want to be the focus. I had the distinct feeling I was being addressed by a saint.

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