Shades of 50 Shades of Grey

Report: outbreak of debilitated judgment, commonly diagnosed as Missing Conclusion Syndrome, frequently occurring in Catholic journalists, but more often in clerics and academics. Also known as the “Do Not Judge” fallacy.  Reduced to its elemental components it looks something like this:
Watching pornography is a mortal sin.
But, 50 Shades of gray is pornography.
Therefore, it depends on stuff; maybe if you have a bad intention; just be careful.
Response: avoid exposure and do the math.

5 thoughts on “Shades of 50 Shades of Grey

    • “LOL”…Seriously? I asked my 16 old daughter if she ever heard of this book. She did not read it, but read articles on it, because it’s all over the Net.
      Even she was able to call it for what it is: Pornography.
      She said, “Even from a non-Christian standpoint it condones domestic abuse, serious degradation of women, and simply destroys the fabric of the family. Completely immoral.
      Brava to my sensible daughter!

  1. My husband and I were walking into a popular bookstore last month and couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw this book on a special rack that said, “Recommended reading for Easter”!

    My husband found a manager and expressed his disgust, most especially since this material had ZERO to do with Christianity.
    Not knowing that my husband had spoken his piece, I also made it a point to challenge the manager to remove the book from under the sign. They simply covered the sign saying “Headquarters expects the book to be within view of customers”. We did not buy any books that night. Haven’t been back since.

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