In the Counsels of the Immaculate

Here is the conference I gave last year on Fr. Peter Damian Fehlner’s contribution to the renewal of Franciscan Immaculatism.

1 thought on “In the Counsels of the Immaculate

  1. It was through a chance meeting with Fr Peter Damian Fehlner in May 2012 (after an ordination ceremony at St John Cantius church in Chicago) that I found out the FFI had a presence in England. Scroll on six months and my husband (a life-long non-believer) is dying there, far from anywhere familiar. The local priest would not come to visit him. In acute desperation, I called the presbytery at Burslem. Br Solanus listened kindly to my story and informed Fr Agnellus Murphy. Within a few days my dear, late husband was received into the Catholic church, something that always seemed so impossible to me. Thanks be to God for the FFI.

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