Franciscan Conspiracy

The latest conspiracy theory concerning the resignation of Pope Benedict goes like this: a group cardinals lobbying for Cardinal Bergoglio went to Pope Benedict and convinced him to retire because they had someone, very conservative (they said), waiting in the wings to take over.  It was all set, they told him.  He could go in peace.  But then as soon as the resignation was official they sprung Bergoglio as the real candidate.  And the rest . . .

As much as this satisfies the urge to have an explanation for something one does not understand, and while those who are likely to swallow this do so in reverence to Pope Emeritus Benedict, it paints him as a real chump—basically—as an idiot.  Not to mention that in collaborating in this plan he would have executed a deed that would have resulted in automatic excommunication of all involved.

Needless to say, the point is to demonize Pope Francis.

This is not “news,” my friends, it is something quite different.  Let it go.


3 thoughts on “Franciscan Conspiracy

  1. Pope-watching/slandering — and thus, audacious Holy Spirit-skewing — is undoubtedly of that “unforgivable sin” of which Jesus Himself spoke. Its beginning and its end is pride, and thus, Jesus has nothing to do with it. The neo-Pharisees are as blind as the first lot, for the same reason: they have hardened their hearts.

    • There was a time when I probably would have bought into this ridiculous conspiracy theory. So I understand those who will accept it. Yes, some have very hardened hearts, and their motives are suspect to say the least. But there are also those who truly believe the Church has been hijacked by God-hating liberals, and it is up to them to do whatever they can to save the Church. These people have what they perceive to be a very deep devotion to our Lord and His Church. I think they are very much like devout Protestants, of whom I have known many, who feel they love our Lord and yet have no qualms about rejecting and condemning those who disagree with them.

      I think you are right that pride is always at the base of this – I know something others don’t know, I am part of an elite group. But we need to pray for these people, not condemn them. Judging and condemnation of others always has its roots in pride. That is one of the main reasons Our Lord told us not to judge.

      • We were anointed to be anything but Pharisees. These new ones are as informed as all faithful are — the only difference is a willful lack of humility born of willful blindness. Those whom we call saints passed this test. There is no condemnation of the Catholic who has chosen to be a Protestant, only of the action (like slander, and planting doubt, and thus, worse — harming little ones who aren’t always children). Like Obama proclaiming Jesus Sacred Heart’s month, rather, that of LGBT month. We can hate the action and speak out to it. Few of us do. Many would rather murmur about the Pope, and appear righteous.

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