Summer Encampment 2009


Homily from Opening Mass

The Sacred Heart, St. Peter and Fatherhood

2 thoughts on “Summer Encampment 2009

  1. Excellent homily. I couldn’t keep my eyes dry. we can all only pray that our husbands continue to tow the line (for those of us who are blessed to have husbands who do) and that our sons will dare to be so different than all the men that will surround them in the workplace one day. They will clearly be *unique* men. But I really do pray that these fine boys that are being trained in their homes and at these encampments not only *do the right thing* at home or as priests should they so be called, but that they learn to be a LIGHT to others out there. We cannot hide these lights under a bushel, within our own homes and Catholic communities. We must shine brightly calling these fallen fathers back to the helm of their ships and encouraging them to carry on and calling others to Christ where they focus on HIS ways and not the world’s ways. We must nurture the children of these fallen homes and families and give the courage and hope through their despair. We must let these sad families befriend us and our children … we cannot be afraid of this, even though it is scary!

    Because my kids are in public schools, I see SO MANY children from broken homes. My kids think they’re doing *fine* because kids have a way of being resilient. But we all know as adults that these kids are NOT fine and that the ugly skeletons will come out of their closets as young adults and haunt them to no end. I have a very good friend of mine that grew up in a broken home and I always thought she was a ‘hoot’ and so easy-going while we were kids. She is the only one of her siblings who is really functioning as an adult, albeit with some medication and therapy for the last 15 yrs. However, I asked her how she managed and she said it was because she had a few friends from good homes that loved her and welcomed her and she could see what a healthy family really was while growing up. I can only pray that we can be that for some of these kids out there. She is married with children and is fixing the cycle in her family. That’s the key. It is my prayer. So, guys … be what you are supposed to be at your own homes and then grab a kid or two out there and let them befriend your kids. Let them just hang out with your family. Be not afraid!

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