Bad [Unchivalrous] Day at the Office

I don’t feel so bad now. If anything like this happens at home then I think its a sign that too much time is being wasted on email . . . and/or surfing, blogging etc.

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Sword salute to the crescat.

7 thoughts on “Bad [Unchivalrous] Day at the Office

  1. Inga Barks (I think that’s her name) was in for Mark Steyn on his radio show this evening. She was talking about how her state’s November elections would include on the ballot a bill insisting that all farm animals be given a certain amount of time each day to have room to stretch their legs (wings) fully. A caller remarked how funny that was and that he wished the same applied to cubicle workers. To my surprise, she frankly said that she thought that feminists had purposely feminized men in the workplace by insisting that they be put into working conditions that females do fine in, but that men can’t be expected to stay sane in. This video looks like a pretty good representation of what she was saying. Give my husband a shovel and some Carhartts and I’m sure he’d thrive!

  2. This is an example, or lack there of, why self control if a fruit of teh Holy Spirit. I’m willing to guess that teh majority of those people having a “bad day” haven’t prayed for this particular gift.

  3. This is totally hilarious … please tell me these *skits* were not real!! I know people snap but …. esp the guy who crawled across the table and tackled the guy on the other side!!! Although, computers really can do this to you …. Don’t you love how much simpler our lives are??? Remember how they were going to save all this paper? Remember that promise? We’ve never used so much paper EVER since computers. Oh, yes, and they were going to save us so much TIME. Remember that one? Ahhh, yes, the last virus that hit us took me almost 100 hrs to totally repair the damage. I now have bookmarks that appear on some ‘desktops’ but not on my own … that has already taken me a few hours and I haven’t quite figured it out yet. Some Yahoo nightmare, no doubt. they are great, though, for researching and keeping in touch with people. I’ve learned a lot about my Faith via the computer and there are some wonderful Rosary sites that have some nice contemplative resources for the different mysteries. Sooooo … we deal with the empty promises, viruses and total frustration.

    Thanks for the laugh.

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