I Survived Spring Encampment

I thought they were just playing. They weren’t. I am lucking to be alive.

More serious business.  That’s one of our knights in the chain mail coif giving a talk on courtesy.  I hope the little gentlemen in the first picture learned something.

The Illustrious Marceg with his penance pack (15 pounds of rocks) during his initiation into the Knights of Lepanto.

Fra Joseph showing us how its done.  Young whippersnapper.

The famous frilly shirt brothers.

9 thoughts on “I Survived Spring Encampment

  1. Lucky to be alive indeed! By the hair of your chinny-chin-chin from the fierce look in the eyes of those half-pint combatants.

    In your benevolence, I hope that you have not pressed the matter of canonical penaltries for such ignominious physical transgression against those of the clerical state!

    Though perhaps such may be warranted for the striped-shirt clad lad in the lower right hand corner. He is clearly the ringleader.

  2. Little tykes are notorious for reminding us of our physical limitations … limitations which weren’t there just a few years prior!! And, they do it with precious, innocent little faces … only to make reality that much more painful, of course. I think Father will find himself even more frustrated if he pretends that he will be avenged in all of this. He needs to humbly accept the bruised ego and move on!!

  3. Having battled along side our “fearless” leader, I can say that the young squires are trully ready to battle for Christ our King. They aslo have more maturity, and physical prowess than thoose deemed “Illustrious”,

    Father Angelo about the moving on thing, I think you shoudl stand fast, take it like a man, and realize that with age comes wisdom, knowledge, counsel, understanding, fortitude, piety, and fear of the Lord. Oh yea also brusied shins, those tikes aren’t higher than knee high to a grasshopper.

  4. It is done…

    Prepare, and prepare well honorable Rouge Leader, for your challenge shall be fulfilled.

  5. Yay for Fra Joseph!!

    And Fr. Angelo, I am very very happy to see that you lived through a disturbing round of…sword fights with little boys ^_^ You will most certainly be honored for your gallantry! 🙂 (and bravery for that matter, as it appears you fought them barefoot!)

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