For Christ and the Church

corpus_christianum.jpgRobert brought my attention to an international organization known as the Corpus Christianum, which is a private association of the faithful, “dedicated to praying for a renewal of Christendom.” The group seems to be very Marian, they pray The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which is principally the work that inspired the Knight’s Psalter. Check it out. Great work.

Also of interest, related to the website of Corpus Christianum, is the FAQ page that includes a recommendation for further reading on the subject of Catholic Chivalry. There you will find links to a work that I have recommended before, Kenelm Henry Digby’s Maxims of Christian Chivalry, which is an abridged version of a much larger, and extremely hard to find work, The Broad Stone of Honour. What is news to me is that this latter work is online in four volumes, each volume receiving its title from a different knight:





This is a real find. Thank you Robert.

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