Two Styles of Defending the Helpless

Style 1:

Style 2:

Your assessment please.

10 thoughts on “Two Styles of Defending the Helpless

  1. wow,
    I have to say the NY one is pretty much business as usual in that city. My nephew is a NYC cop and he was telling us stories this weekend that you wouldn’t believe. The people are ruled by the gangs, and no one will accuse anyone else, the killer or perpetrator can be standing right next to the cop and no one will point to him and say “he did it”. The gangs will go after the “rat” or their family. My nephew said “they are like animals”.

    It’s crazy.

  2. There is never an easy answer. I have passed by countless people lying on the street because I figured they were passed out (drugs/alcohol) or homeless. So, perhaps I have passed someone who was stabbed and didn’t realize it. If there were a puddle of blood, well that would be different. So, I can only guess with that first one that the majority of the people assumed someone had passed out … the people that rolled him over or took pics, well, that was really a sign of an unformed conscience I should think.

    Fear is something that can cause unusual reactions. It’s really impossible to know how you would personally react until you’re, sadly, thrown into the situation. What do they call that? Fright/flight/fight adrenal reactions … some people freeze, some people run, some people remain and put up a fight. I think of the people during the Holocaust who, out of total fear, ignored the unthinkable. I would like to believe that I would have risked my life to hide people in my bathroom walls as some did … but who knows? Hopefully i’ll never be put to that test.

    the second video clip should be a lesson to us all … it takes only one person to do the right thing and others will follow. Even the fear of gangs might be withstood if a group is forming. There’s a power in numbers. But, again, I’ve never lived in a large city such as NYC. Survival instincts and the culture in which you were raised probably cause people to do very bizarre things. (I think of the Mongols and cultures of the past that were simply barbaric. Why? Because from a young age, they were subjected to this life until it became normal to them.)

    what country was the second clip from?

  3. First video is simple. People are afraid to be sued! It was all over the media a few years back. That if you pick somebody up the wrong way you could do more damage and be sued. They say never to touch a person while lying there. Nobody wants the responsibility! Nobody wants to be sued.
    Second video made me sick to my stomach. There was no need for them to beat him the way they did. It reminded me of the pack of coyotes that we have up here on the mountain. That is exactly how coyotes act in a PACK. Even if this man did something wrong there was no need to beat him. They too are just as guilty as that thief.

  4. Second video does look quite vicious. However, bear in mind this guy is doing something bad in a community environment, where everyone knows everyone else. The guy put up quite a resistance, though he might have fared better had he just surrendered. Yes there seemed to be a mob mentality there, but this is how street violence is stopped in Asia, how street justice is kept. Cops and paramedics are not always handy.

  5. The first video, people should’ve called 911. Maybe they were scared, or thought he was drunk…still should’ve called.

    Second video, I thought they were at least trying to do the right thing. If your purse (or anything else) had been stolen, wouldn’t you want people nearby to stop the thief? The question is, did they go too far? The perps did seem to start the violence…

    Father, what’s your take?

  6. With the exception of Darlene’s comments on the second video I kind of agree with the rest of the comments.

    In the first video there are several clips of different incidences where people ignored the helpless. I especially felt bad for the old man that was hit by the car and was basically ignored. I was enraged by the worker at the hospital who looked in at the patient lying facedown and then simply walked away.

    I think this is indicative of how far our “civilized” society has drifted from its moral roots.

    In the second video the people were clearly trying to stop the “perps”, but look closely, it wat the perp with the purse and a stick who was instigating the hitting. I say bravo to the crowd who stuck up for the women who was victimized.

    Our constitution and our founders set mechanisms in place to ensure that we have the legal ability to defend ourselves. It is unfortunate that the woman and the good sumaritan in the first video were not so armed and thus the whole ordeal could have been prevented.

    The second video looked to be from an Asian country most of which, if not all, have banned the ownership of firearms If only one good person present had a gun the “coyote-esk” style of the retaliation might have been avoided.

  7. I’m glad that they stepped in and defended that poor woman. Im just sad to see that it had to go that far. There was no need to continue beating one of those men with the chair. I wasn’t there so I do not know what was said neither. All and All I think that society has gone haywire.

  8. Darlene,

    The first video made me sick to my stomach. The second video shows love for neighbor. I think the bad guy is now less likely to exhibit the bad behavior. I would have broken his fingers.

  9. Two wrongs do not make a right. Look at what happened when Jesus was in the garden praying. One of them cut off one of the soldiers ear and what did our Lord say?

    Yes, they did the right thing about defending that poor lady but did they have to beat those men with chairs? I think they took it to far. They were acting no better then those thieves. They were bowing down to their level. For a moment I thought I was watching a Jerry Springer show. God have Mercy on the whole world.

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