Christopher West Takes Sabbatical

From the Theology of the Body Institute web site:

Institute Research Fellow Christopher West recently began a six-month sabbatical from teaching and travel for personal and professional renewal. The Institute’s Board of Directors and Christopher have mutually agreed to the time away.

While the Institute regrets this interruption to upcoming 2010 events, we will continue with our roster of education and outreach programs, and will offer other faculty members and Theology of the Body instructors for teaching during this time.

Christopher is taking this leave to attend to family needs, and to reflect more deeply on fraternal and spiritual guidance he has received in order to continue developing his methodology and praxis as it relates to the promulgation of the Theology of the Body (Emphasis mine).

Pray for Mr. West.  I believe this hiatus from teaching and speaking is a good thing that may be very profitable to him and to those over whom he has an influence.  I would submit, however that it is not only his “methodology and praxis” that he needs to reflect on.  His content needs some review as well.

Hat tip, Steve Kellmeyer.

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