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Update Added


Here is the announcement as I promised.

Father Rick Heilman, founder of the Knights of Divine Mercy has been in touch with many Catholic men’s organizations, trying to band together a New Holy League in order to protect the public order by praying a nine month rosary novena preparation for the national election. MaryVictrix is privileged to be counted among the League, and you will find Radix with Doug Barry enlisted as well. Father Heilman was kind enough to post The Spirit of Lepanto post as an explanation of the spirit of this New Holy League.

I urge all the Knights of Lepanto and all men at arms who read MaryVictrix to go to, join the league and pray the rosary novena. I am posting below, Fr. Heilman’s launch announcement.

Update: Join the Holy League by clicking on the membership tab and sign up.

Dear Friends in Christ,

Now is the Time! Christ put it this way, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand!”

On the eve of Super Tuesday, and exactly nine months from election day, the sense of urgency could not be greater.

I am asking all men who truly believe that “nothing is impossible with God,” to join me, in this critical election year, to reclaim surrendered ground from the culture of death.

This clarion call is not for those who are too absorbed in their own lives, or for those who have long since lost the belief in answered prayer. This is for those who have been waiting for just such a campaign that asks them be a part of something so important … possibly the most important thing.

Here it is, quite simply …

Drawing inspiration from the epic Battle of Lepanto in 1571, which called on all Catholic warriors and knights to band together to form an armada to combat spiritual error and fight for Truth. This faithful remnant was dubbed “The Holy League.”

In the Spirit of Lepanto, we are compelled to re-ignite the warrior spirit in all of us and take a stand against the mighty forces of spiritual error and the dictatorship of moral relativism. Do I have your attention? Good!!

The battle today is a spiritual warfare and is fought, by and large, on our knees. Please go to this brand new website, launched just today, and join ranks with the new armada of life as we gather the warriors and knights once again to form the new “Holy League” for today. We are appealing to every catholic man and every Catholic men’s apostolate and organization with this clarion call to join ranks in this new “Holy League.” Don’t be found outside looking in … stand up and be counted!

The story of Lepanto, the prayer campaign, the weapons of spiritual warfare … it’s all there on this exciting new website.

Please join, and please do all you can to spread the message of this clarion call to join the “Holy League.”

Domino Gloria!

Fr. Rick Heilman

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