Even Dorkier.

Update: Content warning.  Young children may find this frightening, or on the other hand, they may pester you to play it over and over.  See comments.

7 thoughts on “RVD2

  1. Rather entertaining, I must say. However with the following comments:
    1. I think it kinda freaked out my little boys, to whom I kept reiterating at the end “it was pretend…it wasn’t real…a rubber arm, boys…see? no blood!”
    2. The “Black Knight” without the blood spurts kept coming to mind. Kind of a 21st century clean and cauterized dismemberment, I guess. Not nearly as exciting as it was back in the day…
    3. As Eric Genius has demonstrated at Radix performances with Doug Barry, music can really make or break a performance. I kept trying to imagine the same film set to circus music…it just didn’t cut it!

    Thanks for sharing, though. Knight errant and Squire R should be amused when they watch later…

  2. How do they do that?
    The special effects are ridiculous!
    Well, however they did it, its amazing!!!
    Haha..not very realistic though huh?
    Well never mind. It is Star Wars….

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