Heads in the Sand (Update)

The discovery of the shrine raises the possibility that Loughner, 22, may have been driven by other forces.

No kidding.

Watch the occult apologists come out of the woodwork to explain this away.  I suppose this was his shrine to Sarah Palin.  What I find most disturbing about the aftermath of the horrible act of murder and treason in Tuscon is the state of denial and the willingness to use the tragedy as a political football.


Plot Thickens

He creeped me out,” she said. Morgan told CBS 5 News that Loughner asked her about the voices in his head. “He said to me, ‘Nobody likes my ideas about things. I hear voices and I knew you would be able to relate and not make fun of me.'”

Morgan claims to have the ability to speak with spirits of the deceased. “I told him what I do is different. I hear voices that are kind and loving. They pass along loving messages to their families who are still alive.”

Loughner, she said, was hearing voices telling him to take action. “I asked him, ‘Did you tell the health-care people that?’ He said, ‘No, they would put me in an institution.'”

Morgan said that as she was talking with Loughner, she got chills. “I saw him in an incarceration situation,” she said. “I remember exactly what I asked him, I said, ‘Have you been incarcerated? I see confinement. I see a jail cell.’”

To creep out a necromancer you must be pretty creepy.  God have mercy on us.