Off with the Bubble Wrap

Well here’s some news. Just wait for the feminists to come out of the woodwork and say there are no studies to verify what is perfectly obvious to those of us who have not yet drunk the coolaid.

Imagine, boys need fathers and men in their lives, and mothers and other women should let them be boys.  Revolutionary.

And would you believe that it is actually good for boys to take risks, that it actually helps them do better in school?

I’ll give the girl in the first link credit.  She sure as hell is going to catch hell:

Ms Lashlie, who describes herself as a feminist, said: “I’ve been in classes with young female teachers and by the end of the session my ears hurt.”

Woops!  I guess she already has:

Chris Keates, general secretary of the NASUWT union, told the paper the author was talking “a load of claptrap”.

“It is disappointing that a woman has felt the need to pander to the views of a tiny group of men who present themselves as the oppressed minority,” she said.

That’s right.  Men know nothing about boys, or how to get them to perform well.  Excuse our self-pity.