Why is it that I can’t stand bureaucracies? Oh, that’s right, now I remember. Red tape destroys a World War II monument in Normandy because a farmer did not have the money to prune his trees. Government is so efficient.

I guess nothing really matters except the present generation: no past, no future. Now, us: that’ all that matters. Right?

Hats off also to the majority in the Supreme court who once again have decided to rewrite the Constitution by finding a new right somewhere in invisible ink. Boumediene v. Bush is precious. This sounds like a good plot for another National Treasure sequel.

I am sure the founding fathers hid every right imaginable on that parchment. We have until the end of the world to find them all.

Perhaps the purgatory of the said Supreme Court justices could be to write “I will not rewrite the Constitution” a thousand times in invisible ink without the fires of Purgatory heating up the ink to reveal the words (See National Treasure for details). St. Peter will only let them out when their work is cool enough to be invisible.

But if one is going to invent Constitutional rights out of thin air, it’s worth asking: What moral universe do Justices Kennedy, Breyer, Ginsburg, Stephens, and Souter inhabit when they are willing to manufacture constitutional rights for unlawful enemy combatants who want to slit the throats and watch innocent Americans bleed and die while at the same time uphold manufactured constitutional rights that allow people to abort innocent unborn children?

Oh, the dishonor of it all. Where did all the heroes go?

Dangerous Dad

davidparker.jpgDavid Parker is a man’s man, a go-getter and a defender of the innocence of his children. He has not counted the cost, but has gone to the ends of the earth to make sure that the pro-gay marriage, homosexual teachers in Massachusetts don’t have the right to indoctrinate children in public schools into the homosexual lifestyle.

If you doubt that the morals of children are being corrupted via the gay lifestyle by homosexual teachers in Massachusetts where same-sex marriage is legal, then let me attest to the fact that it is happening. Teachers are instructing young children in the mechanics of homosexual acts. I would be happy to provide evidence of the fact to anyone interested. I will not post the link here, as sometimes young people frequent this blog.

Here is part of the article linked to above about David Parker’s plight:

A Massachusetts father who was handcuffed and arrested after objecting to teachers and school managers indoctrinating his 5-year-old son in the homosexual lifestyle will be appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn his case because of the “national significance” of the precedent.

“[Unless the case is overturned,] it now would allow teachers in elementary schools to influence children into any views they wanted to, behind the backs of parents, to a captive audience, and against the will of the parents if need be,” David Parker told WND. Continue reading