Pope Francis on Reform

Pope Francis’ homily Saturday morning during Mass in Domus Sanctae Marta with Vatican security guards and firemen:

Reflecting on the liturgy of the Word on the first reading from the Acts of the Apostles, the Pope drew a lesson from an episode in the life of the early Christian community. The passage describes the Greeks and Jews arguing over practical necessities: in particular, the aid to be given to widows.

Pope Francis commented that, rather than openly address the problem, their first reaction is one of whispered criticism and gossip.

“But this does lead to any solution, this does not give solutions. The Apostles, with the help of the Holy Spirit, responded well: they summoned the group of disciples and spoke to them. And this is the first step: when there are difficulties, we need to look closely at them, and confront them and speak about them. But never hide them”. Continue reading