Nightwatch Neutralizes Attackers

Night Watch 2009

By  The Stealth Bomber

GRISWOLD — Recoiling from a first-time defeat during the Fall Encampment of last year, the “Attack Team” adults of the Nightwatch Game were completely shut out by the much less experienced and younger “Defenders,” during the Spring Encampment, this Memorial Day weekend.  “We were defeated by superior group led by a mastermind,” said Mr. Dietz, the leader of the Attackers, who humbly acknowledged the tight spot in which his group now finds itself.

Shortly before the game began at 10:30 pm on Saturday night the Attackers managed to negotiate rule changes they thought would guarantee fairer odds. Instead, what they found was a group of Defenders undaunted by the sudden necessity to adjust strategy. The new “capture the flag” type objective only steeled the Defenders’ resolve to make swift work of the Attackers, which they did.

Now shaken by a two-time loss, the Attackers will be under considerable pressure to regain their prestige next time they take the field during the Summer Encampment.

The following statement has been released by the leader of the Nightwatch Defenders:

“You, men of Lepanto and diverse other lords of households, who have no right to this Watchfires of Sirs Thomas and Marc, be it known that you are here ordered and notified through me, Black Hood, to stay far from the precincts of our Watchfires, and sleep well on your soft air-mattresses; or I will produce a clash of arms to be eternally remembered. And since this is the second time you have failed to succeed in your base and wicked designs, I urge you for your own sakes to resolve upon a life of ease, since you are unsuited to a life of combat; I shall not write anything further.”


I, Father Angelo Mary, forswear my allegiance to the attackers of the watch fire and solemnly pledge my service and blood to the defense of truth and justice and to the aid of the ENCAMPMENT NIGHT WATCH from the last dog watch at eight bells of Saturday, October 11 to the morning watch at four bells on Sunday, October 12.

Let it be further known that the dastardly and cowardly attackers will no longer be at liberty to promulgate rules to their own advantage and the Squires of the NIGHTWATCH will be victorious in the integrity of honor and fairplay.

All are welcome to suggest rule changes and to congratulate me on my new allegiance.

. . . now go away or I shall taunt you a second time.

Thom’s Night Watch Rules

The following is one of the last things Thom Girard wrote as he was preparing to run the Encampment scheduled for next week.  The rules are fairly elaborate and subject to whatever revisions necessary.  Please let me know what you think.

I would especially ask the young men to circulate the information so you are ready for Saturday night.

The Night Watch

The Game of the Encampment

The game of Night Watch is originally set up for boys 13 and older.  It’s concept is to protect the faith (fire) against all evils (adults) and get through the evening.

Many of Nightwatch men have fallen asleep, stayed too close to the fire, been distracted, not functioned as a team, or just failed to maintain the fire. All these items can be considered important items into fatherhood.

Falling Asleep – fathers who just do not pay attention to their children.

Staying too close to the fire – a Dad who is too meek and not taking on the role of fatherhood may fall for anything

Being distracted – considered too much of something other than the focus of his family (TV, drinking, drugs, etc.)

Not functioning as a team – a set of parents not functioning together to raise the family.

Not maintaining the fire – absentee Dad.

Neither of these are what the Night Watch men should be and hopefully during this game they can understand what their fathers are going through continuously and what they are expected to go through when they are adults. Fatherhood, whether a parent, priest or brother have all these obligations to the family or the community they are involved with and need to always keep your guard up 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Continue reading