Happy Feast of Mary Victrix!

Our Lady of Victory, pray for us.

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, pray for us.

I cast myself before Thee, Thy bondsman and fool;
Thy patronage is freedom, Thy slavery my school.
I offer Thee my sword hilt and wait for Thy command
To serve among Thy servants who pledge to take a stand.
That I might die in battle, a victim of Thy love:
My wish, my prayer, my promise, thus written in my blood.

I saw the bark of Peter ride dark into the sun,
But darker still the marking of crescent, hoard and gun.
Her sails lay flat and mellow, Her men had pledged their troth,
Left hand on beaded psalter, the right to keep their oath.
The haughty fiend had counted on fear to win the day,
But Thine own breath has countered to turn the wind their way.

My Queen, to Thee be honor and praise through all Thy knights
Who toiled and bled and parted Thy martyrs robed in white.
All courtesy and prowess, all strength and gentleness,
Thy heart a pyx of virtue, Thy face all loveliness.
Then at the hour of judgment my colors Thou may see,
Thy Son upon His white steed, Thou pray to come for me.

Mary Victrix Rebooted

As you can see MaryVictrix has been modified. It may change a bit more over the next week, but nothing drastic.

You can always get back to the stream of blog posts by clicking “blog” in the man menu. The recent comments widget can be found in the blog stream for your convenience. Clicking on the header image or on the site title will take you back to the “showcase” page that has the featured article header, recent post links, et al.

Check out the new pages under the main menu Marian Chivalry, The Spirit of Lepanto and the Inversion of Chivalry.  They are relatively short (for my writing), and give a good summary of what Mary Victrix is about.

Merry Christmas.