Six Million Jews Killed by Mistake?

Dawn Eden has published a further update on the use of the work of Marcelo Gonzalez, a Holocaust denier, by Rorate Caeli to criticize Pope Francis.  I have also called out RC for the hypocritical arguments it uses in order to cloak the lack of charity going on over there.

Gonzalez has posted a clarification of his original piece on the Holocaust in order to reply to Dawn’s objections.  Dawn’s response is excellent.  So is the article to which she links at the bottom by Jeannette Pryor, which describes by way of personal experience the extremes of ideological thinking to which traditionalism can lead.  Jeannette’s piece is a must read.

New Catholic at RC claims to be free of ideological thinking, and also claims that I have some kind of personal vendetta against him.  That simply is not the case.  My problem with Rad Trad propaganda has nothing to do with RC in the first place.  It is only that RC has made itself the premier traditionalist blog and is a clearing house for all things Rad Trad, and the same time protects itself from criticism in a “passive-aggressive” manner. (See also this.) Continue reading