Boo Hoo to Burning Bridges

Some bishops are on the right track.  We should blow up all the Catholic hospitals before we let Lord Obama and his minions control them.  Of course, the Catholic “elite” thinks differently:

But Dr. Patrick Whelan, a pediatrician and president of Catholic Democrats, said angry statements from church leaders were counterproductive and would only alienate Catholics.

“We’re calling on the bishops to move away from the more vicious language,” Whelan said. He said the church needs to act “in a more creative, constructive way,” to end abortion.

Catholics United was among the groups that argued in direct mail and TV ads during the campaign that taking the “pro-life” position means more than opposing abortion rights.

Chris Korzen, the group’s executive director, said, “we honestly want to move past the deadlock” on abortion. He said church leaders were making that task harder.

“What are the bishops going to do now?” Korzen said. “`They have burned a lot of bridges with the Democrats and the new administration.”

Teach the faith and burn those bridges.  We don’t need them.  We are headed away from hell and hopefully won’t be going back.

A bow of the head to Patty.