No Kidding? Thanks for Telling Me


We needed a researcher to tell us this?

Notice that for the professor a long courtship is more than one date.  The saints and holy doctors discouraged truly long courtships because they often lead to unnecessary occasions of sin, but I definitely would agree that courtships should be longer than one date.

Besides having the advantage of helping a person make a better decision about one’s mate, such “long” courtships (more than one date) have the advantage of allowing enough time for a sacramental marriage ceremony, which, if you follow the logic, would also allow the couple to enter into their union in the state of grace and benefit fully from the sacrament before the marriage is consummated.  Oh, by the way, that would also mean that the union would please God as well.

Isn’t it neat how that works?

An ancilliary thought to this is how the modern media and academia has convinced the poor slobs in front of their computer monitors and t.v.’s that they really don’t know anything of value unless it is confirmed by a double blind study.  This fact is a fundamental element of the very successful challenge of secularism to traditional values.