Chivalric Code of War

Exploding another myth about the middle ages.  BTW, the above video is part of a series that deflates many myths concerning medieval life.

And here is an article, printed in the New York Times during the World War I–that horrible ordeal–advocating the Knightly Code. It has a surprising and mortifying ending.

How uncompromising was the sentiment for the maintenance of honorable methods of combat may be seen from the decree of Pope Innocent III, prohibiting the use, against Christian enemies, of the arbalest or crossbow, and of machines of the hurling projectiles of the type of the ballista.

Gone are those days. Instead we have:

The Knightly Code considered it a disgrace to win a battle in a dishonorable way. Winning was not just a matter of being victorious, but of fighting honorably as well. Better to die with one’s honor, than to conquer in a shameful way.

For this reason at our encampments, the boys compete, but are judged, not only on their performance but on their sportsmanship as well.