Hitchens on Gibson

Yet I still saw a report the other day about a fan site where the members were just beginning to ask, “What’s with him?” Why is there this reluctance to call something by its right name? It’s not as if Gibson was issuing a cry for help. On the contrary, what he is issuing is the distilled violence, cruelty, and bigotry—and sexual hypocrisy—that stretches from the Crusades through the Inquisition to the “concordats” between the church and Hitler and Mussolini. Yet he’s still reporting for work. When will Hollywood, and the wider society, finally decide to shun and spurn him utterly, both for what he is and for what he represents?

It is nice to know that even when he is sick Hitchens can fight bigotry with more bigotry.

Mel Gibson is an idiot whose mind has been polluted–not with the Catholic faith, but with the Rad Trad extremism coupled with Hollywood narcissism. I have to come clean because I did more than defend his movie in print.  I did so because it did not seem to me that there was anything in the movie that is not in the gospels or in the Stations of the Cross.   I see no reason to change that assessment, but Gibson sure does spoil the whole experience. . . it least he does for me.  Unfortunately, antisemitism is the soft, white underbelly of the Rad Trad movement.

The ironic thing is that the only one who is likely to salvage his sorry carcass is his Protestant wife, Robyn, whom he dumped for a chick half his age because he did not have a “spiritual connection” with his wife of nearly 30 years (according to him on one of the tapes),  and whom he thinks is going to hell, because she is not a Catholic, like him.

Hitchens is an opportunist, even when he is on death’s doorstep.  Gibson throws him a banana peel and he feels obliged to put his foot on it.

Pray for both of these knuckleheads.

Hitch Has an Itch . . . for Obama

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Why am I not surprised? Hitchens is unable to conceal his sneer for Sarah Palin and for those who attend her rallies, which just makes his cheerleading for Obama on foreign policy and defense even more ridiculous.

Anyway Laura Ingraham did not fail to hold his feet to the fire.

The Marian Dimension of Mother Teresa’s Dark Night

Not so long ago, with the publication of Blessed Mother Teresa’s letters to her spiritual director much misinformation was disseminated about her “dark night,” namely, that is Mother had lost her faith. The arch-atheist, Christopher Hitchen’s and other anti-Catholic enthusiasts were quick to vilify this holy woman, whose trial should be a source of edification.

Recently Zenit interviewed Missionary of Charity Father Joseph Langford, cofounder with Mother Teresa of her community of priests, the Missionaries of Charity Fathers, about his new book Mother Teresa: In the Shadow of Our Lady.

Blessed Teresa, like Our Lady, took the road to Jerusalem in obedience to Jesus: Unless you pick up your cross and carry it, you cannot be my disciple. Perseverance in the dark night of faith is spiritual chivalry, spiritual prowess and largess, and in the case of Mother Teresa, it is an extension of the Marian Way of Beauty.

One cannot argue with likes of a blasphemer like Hitchens. In an debate between him and Bill Donahue of the Catholic League he referred to the faith-based defense of Mother as “white noise.” All we can do is say to Hitchens is “come and see.” His only hope is the Way of Beauty . . . and of course, prayer and fasting. Here is an excerpt of the Zenit interview with Father Langford: Continue reading