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For no reason at all, really.

  • Cat lovers, click here, but only if you can handle the TRUTH.
  • A tribute to the president for deciding to bring Khalid Sheikh Mohammed  here to the United States to stand trial for his involvement in 9/11. New York Mayor Bloomberg wants all the US taxpayers to flip the bill for the show trial that is estimated to cost the city 216 million dollars the first year and 206 million dollars every year it continues after that.
  • The following is all CGI.  Pretty amazing:
  • Vodpod videos no longer available.

    more about “Teasers : the third & the seventh“, posted with vodpod

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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More Antifelinism


Don’t marry a woman who likes cats but does not like dogs.  You may marry a woman who doesn’t like either, or whose reason for not liking dogs is that one of them bit her when she was a toddler.  But a woman who likes cats but does not like dogs will be a Joan Crawford or Jane Wyman.  Ronald Reagan married Jane Wyman, and look how sorry he was about that.

An excerpt from Professor Anthony Esolen’s rules for marriage.  I won’t attribute to him my view on cats, but I have to agree with his rule, and with his other practical admissions on the real differences between men and women.

Hat tip to Other Mary.

Cuddle Kitten

Oliver wants to feel in control.  He hates being picked up and pampered all the time.  He asks politely for a cat and only lashes out when Carol won’t give in.  The trick is to let him feel in control even if he really isn’t.

He’s in control all right.  Stupid humans.

Update:  BBC disabled embedding for this clip.  You’ll have to watch it on YouTube.



Heading back to my old hideout for almost a week.  I need to get out of here.

I leave you with some good news from Doug Barry, a.k.a. Radix.  He is making some real progress on his Camp Gargano.

I have also come into contact with a group much like ours called Fraternus.  Check it out.  I will have more on this later.

Please also take a look at my last post on Our Lady and masculinity.

And last, but not least, a demented cat lover.

I’m sure you can find something to chew on while I am away.