Encampment Interview (Udate: Interview with Thom Girard)

Click on the image above to watch the AirMaria Roving Reporter interview with Thom Girard, Grand Master of our last encampment.  The next Encampment will be July 18-20.  I will have a new Encampment page up in the next couple of days.

Udate (7/8/08):

We had a technical problem with this video when we first uploaded it.  I have relinked to a new file.

This is the only video interview with the late Thom Girard, recorded at the end of the Spring Encampment, little more than a month before his death.

I Survived Spring Encampment

I thought they were just playing. They weren’t. I am lucking to be alive.

More serious business.  That’s one of our knights in the chain mail coif giving a talk on courtesy.  I hope the little gentlemen in the first picture learned something.

The Illustrious Marceg with his penance pack (15 pounds of rocks) during his initiation into the Knights of Lepanto.

Fra Joseph showing us how its done.  Young whippersnapper.

The famous frilly shirt brothers.

Spring Encampment Is Coming!

The Spring Encampment page is up. The even will take place on the weekend of May 23-25. The Advertising Flyer and Registration and Release Forms are available, plus all the details can be found there as well.

Please print out the Advertising Flyer and post it where you can. Let’s get the word out!

The linked thumbnail below will remain in the side bar, so it will always be visible on the site.

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