Templar Alert!

Barbara Frale, the Vatican Achives historian who found the Chinon Parchment and has written an account of its significance, which is now in English (looks more sensational than scholarly), now claims that she has evidence of something that has long … Continue reading

Knights of the Patronage

All right, so I will now get back to more edifying business. I have given everyone more than a piece of my mind on the question of the election, as have also some of you who have commented here. I … Continue reading

Templar Update

The universally acknowledge (i.e. in the universe of Hertfordshire) expert on all things Templar has condescended to tell us what the Vatican’s new release of a Templar prayer means: Modern day Templar Ben Acheson told the Herald: ‚ÄúThis seems to … Continue reading

Templar Baloney Revisited (Updated)

Here we go again. Well, someone from the Telegraph has at least finally read the Chinon Parchment instead of just repeating what the sensationalists continue to spout. The occasion is the release of a new book by Michael Haag, which … Continue reading