To Arms

From time to time, men become tired of hearing soft and consoling words and the endless platitudes of those who believe in nothing but self-gratification and their own victimhood. When a malignant darkness bleeds across the sky, there will always be a few who will light the watchfires to remind the rest of us that we are victims only of our own paralysis and impotence. There will always be the brave who are ready to sacrifice themselves during the conflict, so that others will not become victims of their own dereliction of duty. Chivalry is returning and needs like never before to be recognized as a true fruit of Marian devotion.

In Connecticut, the Knights of Lepanto are defending the sanctity of Marriage against those who would dishonor and distort that great institution which God established. They are not afraid of being called homophobes, because they are not afraid of doing what is right for everyone, including homosexuals. These knights are not thwarted nor confused by sophistries, which are aimed at making them feel guilty for being strong men and fathers. Their courage is moderated by their courtesy, but they are for that reason no less terrible to all that is evil, for they are fully consecrated to Her, who “… cometh forth as the morning rising, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army set in array” (Canticles 6:9).