One may belong to the Knights of Lepanto informally, as an associate member, or formally as a regular member of the MIM. One need not be formally a member to benefit from the spirituality and fraternity of the Knights of Lepanto.

Many activities of the Knights of Lepanto are sponsored by them for a wider attendance of men and boys. For example, the Knights sponsor monthly discussion groups on topics of faith, masculinity and Catholic action. They sponsor holy hours, retreats, and days of recollection, organized political action events and father and son camp outs.

All of these activities would not be possible, though, without a cadre of men that are committed to the life and work of the Knights of Lepanto. These men commit themselves by joining the MIM, and attending the monthly MIM cenacle. This entails about 3-4 hours of meetings and spiritual formation every month, and a commitment to participate in the apostolic activities of the Knights of Lepanto.

We encourage all Catholic men to participate in the Knights of Lepanto as they are inspired and able. For those who are interested in being formally members of the Knights, we recommend reading thoroughly the material provided here. Anyone interested in participating in any way may contact one of the MIM cenacles that has a Knights of Lepanto group.

Currently the only fully active group of Knights of Lepanto is in Griswold, Connecticut, USA, but there are other groups just beginning to form themselves, in Maine, New York, and also in Perth, Australia. We encourage men from all these locations to participate in the MaryVictrix blog. In this way we hope to share experience and encourage the spread of the Knights of Lepanto across the globe.

The following is a list of regular activities and their times in Griswold, Connecticut:

Third Thursday of Every Month, 7:00-930 PM: Men’s Discussion Group (Evening Prayer, Fellowship, and Discussion)
Last Sunday of Every Month, 11:00 AM: MIM Cenacle Knights of Lepanto Meeting (Formal Members Only)
Every Spring Summer and Fall, TBA: Father Son Encampments