Blind Cricket

New sport for manly men.

Would never get away with this on American TV.

hat tip Other Mary


Stupid Boys

This is classic.  Obviously, they did not read the instructions in the Dangerous Book for Boys.  They figured the pictures were enough.  Notice also the camera-girl laughing.

This is why men get a bad name.  Funny thing is we generally never regret having done stuff like this.

Reminds me of something Anthony Esolen wrote:

Never marry a woman who does not laugh at your jokes or your buffoonery.  That is one of the nicest ways in which men “serve” women, and women respond by taking delight in the antics.  That is why God made impersonators of Marlon Brando, Sean Connery, and Homer Simpson.  It may in fact be the principal justification for the existence of Marlon Brando, Sean Connery, and Homer Simpson.  This rule is simply an instance of the more general rule that you should never marry a woman who does not genuinely admire you, nor should a woman marry a man whom she does not admire.


Apparently the sexual revolution was not actually a reaction against prudish Christian morality from the Victorian Age, but rather a rebellion against prudish pagan morals of the Lower Palaeolithic Age.  It started with an argument over whether fig leaves were sufficient covering.  The prudes insisted that they start killing animals and using their pelts for clothing, and the poor unhugged libertines reacted by organizing sit ins in front of animal holes and whittling naked people out of fire wood.

(For those whose sense of humor is on life-support, this is a joke.  Keep the comments jovial and friendly or stay in your cave.)

Father-Son Construction Project

Let’s stick with the practical and necessary. This will make mom proud.


All the instructions are there. A bit on the expensive side, but I bet some ingenuity and mom’s shopping expertise will solve that problem. There are also videos to aid with the construction and some tantalizing demonstrations to keep the boys motivated:

Cuddle Kitten

Oliver wants to feel in control.  He hates being picked up and pampered all the time.  He asks politely for a cat and only lashes out when Carol won’t give in.  The trick is to let him feel in control even if he really isn’t.

He’s in control all right.  Stupid humans.

Update:  BBC disabled embedding for this clip.  You’ll have to watch it on YouTube.

Altered States of Barbiness


Congratulations to Barbie for fifty years of morally delibilating young girls.  I know, I know.  I am such a stick in the mud.

I generally avoid such sweeping condemnations, but who can blame me when the Disney Princess thing got me so much traffic.  I am a shameless opportunist.  Besides it seems the creator of Barbie was actually a sexual perv (content warning).

And while we are on the subject of cultural manipulation, here is the latest from PETA.  Nothing surprises me anymore.