Encampment Chain Ga. . .Work Crew Needed!

For you local boys:

Next two Saturdays (May 10th and 17th) will be preparation days for the Encampment here at the Griswold Friary. There are still a few things to finish with the challenge course. Any locals who can spare some time please come. Times are 9:30am to 5:00pm. Bring work clothes and potluck meals. God Bless.

Great preparation for the Encampment. See if you can keep up with Father Bonaventure

Blast of an Encampment!

The following video was cut together from footage captured last October for the Fall Encampment. Doug Barry runs his Radix Boot Camp for kids of all ages.

The weekend was challenging, but as you will see everyone had a great time. Don’t be put off by the challenges. Doug is great with kids and had everyone encouraging each other. I didn’t matter how athletic or advanced the kids were in their catechism everyone was treated with respect and support.

This Spring Encampment the Knights of Lepanto will be running the Boot Camp, but we hope to have Doug back for the Fall Encampment.

Spring Encampment Is Coming!

The Spring Encampment page is up. The even will take place on the weekend of May 23-25. The Advertising Flyer and Registration and Release Forms are available, plus all the details can be found there as well.

Please print out the Advertising Flyer and post it where you can. Let’s get the word out!

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The Night Watch Chronicles (Update: Part II added)


The following is a riveting account of the escapades of the Fall Encampment night watchmen. I hoped they learned their lesson. Most likely not. We should have lots of fun with them next time.

Actually the boys, Marc included, who conveniently left his name out of the account, did learn something. I think they will be more vigilant next time.

The Night Watch’s purpose in this encampment was to protect the camp from enemy invasions, not just one but several. Mr. Barry would attempt to catch us off our guard and get within “striking range” of us, if he succeeded in this we would be subjected to twenty to thirty minutes of work outs in the morning after a night of partial sleep. We took the challenge (as if we had a choice) with a smile and thought it would be fun.

There were a lot of us probably ten or more, and we got roughly set up and had a rough plan. Ten minutes into the night Father Bonaventure had successfully infiltrated our base, he hid behind Adam (which isn’t hard to do) and we paid no attention to him because he said he would go get some flash lights for us. Father then explained to us that it was only a test but, we failed none the less and this made some kids very jumpy. Continue reading

Initial Reaction to Encampment



Ahem, ladies, just as I said. The boys had a blast. Doug worked them till they were dead tired. He was firm and encouraging, and they loved it.

You have no idea how inspiring it was to see boys of all ages and abilities with looks of determination, struggling but not giving up. Doug had them doing push ups when they missed a catechism question and they all had smiles on their faces.

I am firmly convinced that this is exactly the right approach for boys. Be prepared for the little men to be fired up for more.

One father made a comment before everyone at the very end, saying that he left the encampment and better man. This was a challenge to the mind, body and spirit. We are forming Catholic warriors. Awsome!

Fra Augustine will have some video up in the next day or so. Stay tuned.