Spring Encampment 2009


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What is the Knights and Squires Encampment?

The Knights and Squires Encampment is a father/son camp out that takes place at the Marian Friary of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Griswold Connecticut. The Encampment is run by a dedicated group of Catholic men called the Knights of Lepanto, and work under the direction of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate. The event takes place three times a year, Spring, Summer and Fall. The Spring 2009 Encampment is coming up on the weekend of May 22-24.  All Catholic fathers and sons are welcome.

The Encampment is an experience of Chivalry in its truest form: Manly Roman Catholic faith put into action. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass holds central place, along with Eucharistic adoration and prayer. The encampment is also an opportunity for both men and boys to receive formation in the virtues of Chivalry: fidelity, honesty, courtesy, prowess and generosity. In a particular way the Encampment helps to instill in the men and boys an appreciation and love of the Blessed Mother, the flower and inspiration of true Christian Chivalry. Finally, there is also plenty of action: faith translated into deeds, with opportunities to put into practice the virtue of courtesy and the works of mercy.

The Encampment also includes lots of physical activity and fun, such as obstacle course, archery and night watch. Prepare for battle!

The Spring Encampment

The Spring 2009 Encampment will take begin on in the afternoon of Friday, May 22, with the pitching of camp and registration, and an official kickoff at 7:00 pm with a holy hour in the main chapel. It will continue all day Saturday and end at noon Sunday, May 24, after Mass and a final meeting of all the campers.


A word about the documents linked to above. Please help us advertise the Spring Encampment. The advertising flyer may be be placed in a Church or school. Just please remember to get the pastor’s approval before you post it. The Registration and Release Forms, you may print and bring with you filled out, or you may obtain a blank copy when you arrive to register. Even if the parent(s) plan to send a son with a proxy because the father himself is unable to attend, the Registration and Release Forms need to be signed by a parent, not by the proxy. An Encampment schedule will be posted here shortly.

Encampment Activities

Our Knights and Squires Encampment is meant first of all to be an experience that will help men and boys to live their faith more courageously and enthusiastically, but it is also meant to a lot of fun. Hence, Mass will be celebrated Saturday and Sunday Morning, nocturnal adoration will take place during the night between Friday and Saturday, confessions will be made available during a holy hour on Friday and Saturday night, and conferences on the topic of chivalry and manly virtue will be given on Saturday morning.

Interspersed with all the spiritual events there will also be much physical activity as well, such as the camping over the weekend, and a campfire with activities on Friday and Saturday night, a night watch for the older boys and the running of our obstacle course on Saturday morning and afternoon.

As we have every encampment since Doug Barry from Radix came several years ago we will be running our own “boot camp” and obstacle course on Saturday. Check out the this link to get an idea of what the boot camp is like. The boys will by quized on the Magnificent Seven, so get to know them. Also start getting the boys in shape physically. Get them doing push ups and some running. This will be a big help.


Knights and Squires
Friday, May 22, 7:00 pm – Sunday, May 24, 12:00 pm
Pitch Camp: Anytime Friday Afternoon,
May 22
Registration: Friday, May 22, 4:30-6:45 pm

Cost: $50:00 per family, donations welcome and financial assistance available

RSVP: (860) 376-6840 or fam@figuadalupe.com

Location:Marian Friary of Our Lady of Guadalupe
199 Colonel Brown Road
Griswold CT 06351


Things to know about the Encampment

  1. The Encampment is a Father/Son event. Boys need to be accompanied their fathers or an appointed male proxy for the entire length of the Encampment. In the event that the father cannot attend, and the parent(s) wishes to have his/her son(s) accompanied by a proxy, the parent(s) need to sign the Registration and Release Form before the Encampment, no later than the end of registration on Friday night.
  2. The activities of the Encampment are structured and organized in an age appropriate way. Parents may use their discretion as to whether their sons are old enough to camp out for the weekend. It will be the responsibility of the organizers, in consultation with the father/proxy to determine whether the boy is able to participate in any particular activity. Relative to the boot camp, younger boys who may not safely participate in it will be organized into another age appropriate activity.
  3. The Encampment is well designed and will be well supervised to assure a fruitful, fun and safe weekend. The boys will be expected to cooperate fully with the friars and the Knights of Lepanto. If issues of safety or the general common good are at risk, a father may be asked to exclude his son from certain activities, or if need to be to take his son home.
  4. No electronic entertainment devices, please. The fathers my have and use, as needed, a cell phone. The boys should not have a cell phone, mp3 player, gaming device, or any other electronic device that might be a cause of distraction for themselves or for anyone else.
  5. No knives, except for folding knives with blades no longer than 3 inches.
  6. On Friday evening, supper will not be supplied by the organizers of the Encampment. Those who plan to attend should either eat before coming, prepare their own food and eat at the camp ground or set up camp and then go out for food. There are a number of restaurants and fast food establishments in the area.

Please let others know about the Spring Encampment. Send them to this website or print our Advertising Flyer.

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