Radix Boot Camp

Radix Boot Camp

The hallmark of the Fall Encampment will be the presence of Doug Barry of RADIX. Doug will speak several times over the course of the weekend and direct his RADIX Boot Camp. RADIX is a Catholic ministry that challenges and encourages families to embrace their Catholic faith. RADIX, founded by Doug Barry, presents the Catholic faith in a clear and enthusiastic manner, using a variety of means such as drama, music, comedy and history.

RADIX Boot Camp is a powerful experience that ignites in a young man the God given masculinity that resides in him. This is a unique, life-changing event that tests the mettle of a young man, builds heroic character and strengthens his resolve.

With strong emphasis on three key areas of each man, physical, intellectual and spiritual we raise the bar and challenge a young man to realize how much he is capable of as well as what he is responsible for as a man.

Part of the Boot Camp consists in a challenge course. The friars have constructed one that is virtually identical to the one Doug has in Nebraska: Here is a video of Doug’s Boot Camp in action:

The Boot Camp will prove to be both a challenge and lots of fun. The design and supervision of the Boot Camp places safety first. We simple ask that all participants cooperate fully with the organizers.

Doug is recommending brushing up on the catechism, especially the Magnificent Seven. Know these. Also start getting the boys in shape physically. Get them doing push ups and some running. This will be a big help.