How to Use this Site

Mary Victrix is a blog about Marian Chivalry, and is associated with the Knights of Lepanto and Other Marys. We welcome all comers to participate and comment on blog entries. The main lines of thought associated with these topics are provided on static pages within the MaryVicrix site.

The blog is found on the home page. Basic explanations of what our blog is about that are found under the categories listed in the header. Those categories are Marian Chivarly, Knights of Lepanto, Other Marys, MIM, Members, About and Contact.

Our core beliefs about the restoration of Christian chivalry are described on the page found by clicking the “Marian Chivalry” button. This is a good place to begin.

The way in which our movement incorporates these beliefs into life is found by clicking the “Knights of Lepanto” button for men and “Other Marys” button for women.

After having read the material on the Knights of Lepanto or Other Marys, you may be inspired to formally join the group. If so, you should read about the Mission of the Immaculate Mediatrix (MIM). This is found by clicking “MIM” in the header. The Knights of Lepanto and Other Marys are men’s and women’s groups within the MIM.

Contact information of those responsible for these groups is found by clicking “Contact.” Those who wish to pursue membership should contact one of these persons.

Under the “Members” link, formal members of the Knights of Lepanto and Other Marys will find information pertinent to the formation and organizational planning of the respective groups.

One may return to the blog at any time by clicking “Home.”