Of a Phantom Confirmation and a Double-Barreled Question

In my last post, I quoted Fr. Volpi response to the claim that he is no longer able to carry out the function given to him by the Holy See to govern our Institute as the Apostolic Commissioner. He effectively denied it. Since then a further claim has been made that in spite of Fr. Volpi’s attestation to the contrary, “he is unable to carry out, both physically and mentally,” his duties.

The source for this report professes to “confirm” (without providing evidence) that the “Volpi era” is effectively over. So the source pretends to both know and at the same time “respect” Fr. Volpi’s his privacy concerning personal medical status, which certainly is the business of the Capuchins and the Holy See, but not that of a blogger or the general public.

The source is unable and unwilling to prove the assertion, because either 1) it is false, as Fr. Volpi himself claims it is, which is what I believe, or 2) the information was obtained in a way that precisely does not respect Fr. Volpi’s privacy. Thus, the source, driven by his explicit desire to undermine Fr. Vopli’s work, has decided to use information to which he has no right, and still pretends that he is shielding Fr. Volpi’s privacy.

Furthermore, under the circumstances he is compelled to protect his “leaker” and assumes that his target audience will give him a pass and believe him, though he provides no evidence and yet proves himself not credible because of his methods.

Still, even if his source has “leaked” to him information to the effect that Fr. Volpi is incapacitated that does not make it true, and there is no reason to believe it is, since runs counter to Fr. Volpi’s own claim and the contrary is asserted gratuitously and discreditably.

But the posts to which I refer are simply addenda to the propaganda campaign waged by the source in question and might as well be attached to this petition to have Fr. Volpi removed. This “breaking story” is not information but manipulation.

I would like to comment directly on one statement made by the source:

But most of all: will the Franciscan Friars and the Sisters of the Immaculate realize that the point of cohesion in a spiritual family, beyond the transient figure of the Founder, can be nothing other than a complex of unrenounceable, theological, spiritual and liturgical principles and that one of the causes of the present crumbling [of the order] is precisely the weakness of their reaction on this point?

Those principles are made clear in our ecclesiastically approved legislation, which we are following, as we have since the beginning. That would include the liturgical. We are observing the liturgical norms the Church has approved for our Institute—again—as we always have. As for the “crumbling” of our Institute, the source, ought not to waste any crocodile tears on the matter because 1) the Institute is not crumbling and 2) because it is disingenuous to complain about a crisis one has intentionally helped to cause.

Why don’t we all attend to our own business, allow the Church to work, and continue to pray.

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