Holy League

I am pleased to present an initiative which I fully support

Stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “Holy League

  1. Good thing I kept my combat boots and battle fatigues all these years!! LOL!
    I’m not afraid to stand on the ‘front lines’!!! Anything for Holy Mother Church!!!! 🙂

  2. Combat boots, Marie? Battle fatigues? Is Father Corapi back in town? 😉 Howz about a brand spankin’ new, hardly been worn Knights of Lepanto t-shirt? (I trust it will be honored as official gear in a movement calling itself The Holy League, Father.)
    All kidding aside, I can’t wait to see what the hec this is all about. Web site is interesting. (holyleague.com)

    • Lol Mr. V!
      Ft. Dixx, NJ…..34 years ago…
      fired M16, Colt 45, threw live grenades, out performed the majority of men in my troop, and graduated 1 of 11for top trainee after 11 weeks!!! Standing at only 4’11″….
      I can do anything…!
      Where are the rosaries?

      Peace, Mr. V.

  3. Is that the Feast of Christ the King in October or the Feast of Christ the King in November? All of this Novus Ordo and Extraordinary Form confusion is a challenge.

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