Rorate Caeli: More Lies About Us

Rorate Caeli: More Lies about Us

The English speaking traditionalist website “Rorate Caeli” reports in a post of 14 May 2014 that 100/150 friars have asked Rome for “dispensation from vows.

There are actually only about a dozen priests and as many students in temporary vows of the total of 378 friars.

This news serves to create agitation and encourages those already hesitating through the psychological dynamic of suggestion.

The fifteen clerics after two months have not yet found a welcoming diocesan bishop, so this is simply a sabotaging and destructive strategy of former superiors who, for ideological reasons and personal interest, do not wish to see the present crisis end.


Rorate Caeli true to form

19 thoughts on “Rorate Caeli: More Lies About Us

  1. A grossly and deliberately exaggerated report with the effect of further discouraging the already discouraged members of the Institute, whose source is a group of friars who oppose the work of the Apostolic Commissioner and who thereby hope to cause more friars to leave.

    • Forgive my confusion about what is going on, but I’m trying to sort through what facts can be concluded from this report and reply.

      The Rorate post said “a large number of FI friars — possibly 100-150 — are petitioning Rome to be released from their pontifical vows and to be placed under diocesan bishops.” and that claim has been called a lie and an exaggeration.

      Are we to take that to mean that a group of friars did petition Rome, but it isn’t as many as 100-150? Are these the “fifteen clerics” mentioned above? Or that no friars petitioned Rome?

  2. Very sad indeed, that false information continues to be “leaked” by religious
    and lay people from our order. I find it equally sad that media groups who claim to be on the side of truth, maliciously spread such dis-information. I cannot imagine what their goal truly is if not to be controversial or divisive.

  3. Prayers for you all! So sorry that your fine order has to go through this nonsense. I truly admire all of the great work that you do-especially your media coverage of the annual Courage/EnCourage conferences. That is such an important apostolate that in previous years had been behind in it’s media distribution, but thanks to the FI’s fine job in recording the conferences and making the videos available for free viewing on YouTube, I can now share with others the great work of Fr. John Harvey’s legacy. Hope to be able to make it to the annual conference this July in Philadelphia. God bless!

  4. “Nihil novi sub sole” (Ecclesiastes 1:9). Controversy and sensationalism sells and “the devil is prowling around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” (1 Peter, 5:8). St Maximilian Maria Kolbe himself and his friars also had to face malicious attacks many times and he knew that it meant he was going in the right direction. After all, Our Lord Himself said, “If the world hates you, realize that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, the world would love its own; but because you do not belong to the world, and I have chosen you out of the world, the world hates you. Remember the word I spoke to you, ‘No slave is greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you.” (John, 15:18-20). To this day there are those who’d slander St Maximilian. Back in his lifetime, there were also numerous instances, some of which he wrote about, e.g. in February, 1925 he writes from Grodno to the Franciscans in Lviv (Writings, vol. 1, 84), “And now the Masonic magazine “Ameryka-Echo” has had a go at us – good sign.” Then in November 1937 he writes again, “One of the exes wrote a defamatory article on Niepokalanow in the socialist (communist) “Dziennik Ludowy” [The People’s Daily]. We sent in a correction, but they have not published it. […] Generally, the socialist-communist-Masonic press combines their attacks on religion and Church institutions with attacking Niepokalanow, “The Knight of the Immaculate” or “The Little Daily.” Today, I have by chance got my hands on a stray issue of “Ameryka-Echo” from the United States and there, I have found similar things. It is obvious then that the devil does not like Niepokalanów and the publishings of Militia Immaculatae.” (Writings, vol. 4, 665)


  6. Ave Maria!
    May I say that the Franciscans of the Immaculate have changed my life, and the life of my husband, forever? They have re-introduced us to Our Lady. And, of course, she, in turn, as is her only mission, has reintroduced us to her precious Son. In this, the Institute has given an incredible gift; one that I will never be able to repay.
    Recitation and meditation upon the Rosary has been such a solace, amid deep worry for our dear brothers in the FI, these days. And the daily miracle of prayer reveals to me, that this strife, which only seems to be escalating, will dissolve away, as the Immaculate’s great mission gains priority, once more.
    We, who love them, must pray, steadily and heartily, that these humble Friars, walking their treacherous path, daily, might look down, and notice her petalled slippers, next to their own sandaled feet. Be confidant dear brothers, she is on the path with you. Her tiny foot will hold the serpent’s head, and allow you to walk on.
    Of course satan hates this….the FI, owned by the Immaculate, is one of the truest communities to ever exist, in the life of the church! So, please, St. Maximilian, Help us! ….we pray…..
    Ave Maria!

  7. Watching this from the outside, not knowing the internal forum, I’ve been increasingly discouraged. No one has as of yet bothered to explain to me why such unbelievable measures as Fr. Volpi has reportedly taken are necessary. The closest I’ve gotten to an answer is a man who told me that he was not at liberty to divulge certain information. In the absence of any coherent defense of the commissioner’s action, I’m left to interpret it through the light of the Secretary for the Congregation of Religious, José Rodríguez Carballo’s, comments about problems with some religious orders that have “true deviations” from Vatican II. I want to be reassured that the seemingly over-dramatic restrictions imposed on the FFI are not indicative of a new Holy See-sponsored inquisition against those that refuse to see Vatican II as a point of rupture in the history of the Church and religious life, and ESPECIALLY that it is not an indictment against those that would prefer to live their liturgical lives according to the traditional rites. The reason why I’m seeking this assurance is that, from the outside, it looks an awful lot like the restrictions are motivated by an abhorrence towards anything that smacks of “pre-Vatican II” Catholicism.

    • J. Antony,
      Apparently in light of the fast track canonizations of JPII and John XIII ( what, no Leo XIII or Pius XII?), Rome is sending a message loud and clear that criticism or deviation from Vatican II will not be tolerated. Perhaps you are right, we are entering a new type of inquisition.

    • J. Anthony,

      Unfortunately, certain individuals from the start of the Commission decided to make a public spectacle of our situation for political reasons. There are any number of religious communities under commission from time to time, but most Catholics don’t hear about those situations because the facts are not publicized.

      We are left in a catch 22 between discussing matters that are internal and involves potentially harming the reputations of real persons, or saying nothing and letting the liars on the blogs have the day. The only way to prove that the leaks were disinformation is to drag the whole thing out into the open, and the liars will only come up with more conspiracy theory and more lies.

      Those who appealed to the Holy See were not progressives or modernists. The Commissioner is not a Freemason. Summorum Pontificum is not under attack and half the friars are not asking to leave. But the narrative was set the day the leaks began, and the Holy See was never given the benefit of the doubt. The situation was sensationalized from the very first moment, by leakers and activists who have an agenda.

      And the leakers as well as the bloggers who assisted them, like the cowards they are, have harassed from hiding the Holy See and engaged in character assassination of the the Commissioner and many others.

      But I am surprised–perhaps I shouldn’t be–that more people who care about this situation have not begun to suspect that there must be something rotten where so much anti-papal, anti-Vatican and anti-ecclesial propaganda has been generated.

  8. Stoney…

    Perhaps you might wish to consider the words ‘mercy popes’, and that God wishes that they be recognized for being great examples of His greatest attribute.

    One should take great care in objecting strongly against what God ordains/permits.
    Satan also disliked God’s plans….llook where he is!

  9. Stoney, and anyone else with an anti VII, anti-post VII Pope mindset….

    The Holy Bible, the word of God, is repleat with the message of mercy. If you pray the Office you will see in the Gospel Canticles that God will not forget His mercy.
    Christ gave St. Faustina a clear image of what His mercy is, and proclaims that mercy is His greatest attribute. St. Augustine, and many other saints reaffirm this.

    In St. Louis de Montfort’s “True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary” he speaks of Mary’s role in the latter times (read chapter 1). Mary was hidden in the beginning but God desires that she be known…because it is she who will usher in the reign of Christ, her Son. These last three popes have been extraordinarily Marian!

    It seems to me that, as Stoney put it, St. Pope John Paul 2 was “fast tracked”, and he may be right in saying so,…but Stoney is off track as to the reason. It’s because JPII lived mercy in his lifetime, before his pontificate, and in it. He proclaimed his pontificate to be dedicated to the mission of proclaiming mercy to all, and this is documented at the beatification/canonization of St. Faustina. And, let’s not forget his deep Marian devotion! His pontificate was placed under banner of Mary…”Totus Tuus”!

    Holy fear of the Lord is the first sign of wisdom. It is the only fear we should have in our hearts. The Bible is also repleat with the words “be not afraid”….translated “trust in Me”! Those who place their complete trust in God exude much joy. Those who live in fear exude unhappiness; lack of peace. And they distroy the Church rather than to build it up.

    Those who who have pit themselves against the authority of the Church do so at risk of losing their immortal souls. You make yourselves enemies of God.
    Two examples: Lucifer and Judas. They did not like God’s plan for the salvation of mankind, and said “I will not serve”.

    What’s to become of you?


  10. Stoney,

    I suppose your pseudonym represents the modern analog of defending the Church from the headquarters of the catacombs, “stoney,” meaning “from the stone place.” Because, after all, the Holy See is such the enemy of all that is righteous and traditional. Right? And hidden down there in the catacombs you are protecting the faithful from the big bad pope and his minions. Isn’t that what you think? Don’t bother answering.

    I am sure you must have some dank internet dungeon from which you operate. But MaryVictrix is not a hiding place, and I will give no quarter to your anti-ecclesial guerrilla warfare, so stay off my blog.

    • An outrageous and completely false personal attack, but I’m not surprised.

      [Just holding you accountable for your own words. Ed. Stoney, is no longer with us.]

  11. Forgive me for this last entry…I have been a bit excessive today.

    We Catholics, I am sure, agree there is no such thing as coincidence. God is perfection in all He designs and ordains, (and permits) for His glory.
    It was, and is, His great pleasure to see St. Pope John Paul 2 canonized on the day of Divine Mercy (27th), with St. Louis de Montfort’s feast day on the 28th! Can you not see the beauty and significance in this arrangement?
    God be praised for loving us all into being, keeping us alive, giving us the holy Catholic Faith and His loving Mother as great, and very undeserved, gifts!
    Should we endeavor to be humble enough to see what gratitude we owe to such a God!

  12. Rorate has become the Alex Jones of the Catholic blogosphere, except that far fewer Catholics have ever even heard of Rorate, Jones at least stumbles upon real stories from time to time, he is more honest, and he is moderately entertaining. Wild conspiracies can be fun, but being limited by the miniscule realm of Catholic geeky cliquedom must be very hard on them. Perhaps they need to step it up a bit by talking about the Vatican’s intentions for the new world order, or something…

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