While we Americans value freedom…

While we Americans value freedom—and rightly so—if we wish to safeguard this national treasure, we need to recognize that divine love is freedom’s true cause and only guardian. The deepest enemy of freedom is not the violent and deceptive establishment of world order. It is the absence of charity or narcissism, to call it by another name. The martyrs teach us that even in the face of violence, we can still love and thus conquer evil. And this love is our true freedom because charity turns us toward the God who saves us. What the Gospel teaches is that evil is self-annihilating in its resistance to charity; and this, precisely because evil is self-absorbed. It simply destroys itself as it seeks to destroy its enemy. It is a house divided.

Salvation and Super Heroes
by Michel Therrien

1 thought on “While we Americans value freedom…

  1. “We have this great thrist for freedom because our most fundamental aspiration is for happiness; and we sense that there is no happiness without love, and no love without freedom. This is perfectly true. Human beings were created for love, and they can only find happiness in loving and being loved. As St. Catherine of Siena puts it, ‘man cannot live without loving’. (Dialogs of St. Catherine of Siena).
    The problem is that our love often goes in the wrong direction: we love ourselves, selfishly, and end up frustrated, because only genuine love can fulfill us.” (pg 13)….

    ……”Although the idea of freedom, as we have seen, can be viewed as a meeting point between Christianity and present day culture, it also appears paradoxically to be the point at which they are furthest apart. For modern man, to be free often means throwing off all constraint and all authority – ‘Neither God nor master’. For Christianity, on the other hand, freedom can only be found by submitting to God, in the “obedience of faith” that St. Paul speaks of. (Romans 1:5)
    True freedom is not so much something man wins for himself; it is a free gift from God, a fruit of the Holy Spirit, received in the measure in which we place ourselves in a relationship of loving dependence on our Creator and Savior. (pg 14)….

    ……”The living experience of the saints is there to encourage us. They gave themselves to God without reserve, wanting to only do his will. In return they received the sense of enjoying an immense freedom, which nothing in the world could take away from them, and which was the source of intense joy.” (pg 15)

    Excerpts taken from “Interior Freedom” by Fr. Jacques Phillipe~~ Community of the Beatitudes

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