Religious Liberty

Worth Watching.

H/T New Advent

3 thoughts on “Religious Liberty

  1. I found that speech very good for the rad-trads, despite they will not be impressed by it. For the average or the mainstream of the Catholics, this speech is a kind of imprudent because tends to condemn the past of the Church without consider her historical context. Fr. Estevão Bettencourt, OSB, a Benedictine monk from Brazil, used to point out this criterion: We can’t judge the past with the same criteria of the present. I love the videos of Catholic News Service, but I think their aproach in this case was imprudent.

    • But honestly, this is a total misreading of the Council to propagate the American notion of not only religious freedom, but also economic freedom – its the neocon way. The Second Vatican Council never denies or subverts the DOCTRINE that no one is free to hold error, what did change was the application. I love how the priest ends with examples that all suffered grievously in the their fights for liberty. South African Blacks are now materially worse off than they were in apartheid, Latin America saw the reign of Pinochet after the Church felt dissuaded to denounce his regime in fear of becoming too “political”, and despite the recent surge in the economy of many former Soviet states after the initial catastrophic depression I don’t anyone would hold Russia to be the paragon of religious freedom and tolerance.

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