Inconvenient Facts

Inconvenient Facts

If Rorate Caeli calls it “nakedly biased,” you can be sure it contains facts they would rather you completely disregard.

4 thoughts on “Inconvenient Facts

  1. In all of Rorate Caeli’s hysterical coverage they seem to ignore the fact that there are many communities in communion with Rome that are devoted to the 1962 Missal and traditional Catholicism (i.e. FSSP, Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, traditional Benedictine communities to name just a few) who are supported by the Holy See and are not “persecuted” or restricted by Rome or Pope Francis. In fact, Pope Francis warmly greeted the Fraternity of St. Peter recently on the occasion of their anniversary.

    This leads me to think that the traditionalist alarm is unwarranted and that there may be serious issues in the FFI that need to be dealt with. The Holy See is trying to help the friars and sisters because they are a wonderful community with many holy members. They will emerge stronger. We should pray for them and all involved and not give into made up hysteria and rumours.

  2. Good job, Mister Miller… Yes, a campaign of re-information is necessary.
    Some of us are fighting for the truth, charitably, but forcefully and tirelessly .
    It´s hard not to be disgusted and bitter… But God is with the Church.
    So let´s have courage and joy…. Yes, the FFI “will emerge stronger” !

  3. I will admit that I still feel like I’m one of those people who do not fully grasp all that is going on with this. I am definitely NOT ‘in the know’. I probably understand 80percent of it all (or less) but that final 20percent that I lack causes me to put some of the puzzle pieces together incorrectly. However, I have also reached a place in my life (very humbly) that sometimes I lack way too much background to fully grasp a subject and to continue talking about it is just foolishness. Also, there are things that are none of my business to fully know and to keep delving into it is rude. Finally there are things that, although I really want ‘to know’ and they are perhaps fine for me to know, the research required to fully understand the topic would not be the proper use of my time and would surely take time that should rather be spent doing my duties in life.

    Over the last year, when I have read people’s comments on this issue, I can’t help but think that some of these people are delving into a subject to a depth that, quite frankly, is none of their business! We have all been blessed greatly by the FFI and the community that worships with them, so we are all very interested in how this all shakes out. Yet, when details do not add up —- like Rome just clamping down on the FFI because they use the EF sometimes, when as Andrew points out, plenty of groups still use the EF of the Mass —- then that tells me that we don’t have all the DETAILS!!! So, we are not building the puzzle correctly. We all need to chillax — important puzzle pieces seem to be missing and those ‘in the know’ cannot (and should not) provide us with them right now. I think what the FFI probably most want is our prayers and to encourage us to ‘hang tight’. I think they are telling us what they can in order to dispel all the garbage being portrayed and in order to encourage us that the FFI is not going away and not going to become another liberal group.

    (I’m so glad I haven’t been reading all of Rorate’s ‘hysterical’ coverage as of late. My head and heart cannot take it any longer.)

  4. Thanks for your kind words, Gaudium! Read my reply (to be posted soon at CWR) to the “most thorough account” of the Anonymous Critic at Rorate Coeli BlogSpot.

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