Fr. Z. and the Neo-Orthodoxy

Fr. Z. and the Neo-Orthodoxy

More traditional than the Pope and letting him know it.

7 thoughts on “Fr. Z. and the Neo-Orthodoxy

  1. Fr. Z has seemed quite moderate since the election. He’s served the useful purpose of reining in a group of people that are being told by the media AND the traditionalists that the Pope is there enemy. Rorate-caeli did such damage with their “For the Record” post about Buenos Aires and Summorum Pontificum. For better or worse, a segment of the U.S. Church got the first impression that the Pope was rejecting what Pope Benedict stood for and promoting the hermeneutic of rupture. It’s hard to overcome first impressions. Fr. Z never ate the bait of that sort of bitter judgementalism. He has always given the Pope’s actions the benefit of the doubt, and emphasized with more weight the things the Pope has done that make clear that he does not represent rupture. The whole “reading Francis through Benedict” meme, if a little cheasy, was useful for emphasizing contuity. If Fr. Z is occassionally a bit snarky or overly opinionated/forceful when reporting news about the Pope, that seems to me to more reflect his temperament than reflect an attitude of superiority to the Pope. I think it’s a waist of effort to make Fr. Z the target of such criticisms. Perhaps what he writes is not useful to you, but perhaps he isn’t writing for you. Perhaps he is writing for the contingent of people who would be in danger of being seduced my the spirit of disobedience and judgement of the Pope, in essence the spirit of the SSPX.

  2. Wondering when the ordained will behave like shepherds of Christ’s flock.

    This one is for you, Fr Z….read the Bible! You come appear to be no better than an instigator…you might as well yell out, “Crucify him!”

  3. Joseph Anthony,

    What is good for the goose is good for the gander. I have never put myself beyond criticism. But you seem to object to any criticism of the critics you agree with.

    All well worth noting. It says a lot.

  4. Our Lord requested that we have the hearts of children…not the minds of babies!

    Stop showing a small sector of the Catholic blog population your lack of trust in His Divine Providence! Don’t you realize this is not the way of Jesus and Mary?!
    Christmas is coming. Christ placed complete trust in His Mother to care for Him. We are called to imitate that same virtue of trust!! Those of you preaching are not necessarily exemplifing ‘childlike confidence’ …. wouldn’t that make you hypocrits?
    I’m 50+ years old and have never in all my Catholic life seen priests, and laity, behave with so much hatred for one another, and over the sin of attachment no less.
    “Lord, Lord,….did you see how I defended the ‘rite’ to worship You as I please?” Oh, brother.
    “They must be Chritians, see how they love one another.” “LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS I HAVE LOVED YOU.”

    Get it together folks. (This includes rorate caeli staff as well.)

  5. Dear Fr Angelo,
    I admit to being clueless about what’s happening to the wonderful FFI order and am praying my best for you all. However, on a much lighter note I did have a good laugh at the Newky Brown ad and thank you for posting this (if you did!)
    God bless
    Pray, hope and don’t worry!

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