But in recent years…

But in recent years I have found my relationship to many (not all or even most) traditional Catholics tested and strained. I say “tested” because I have found that if I do not adhere to a rather strict, and I would say “narrow” line, I am relegated to be thrown out of the feast, and there in the “outer darkness” to wail and grind my teeth.

It would seem that for some, I am required to bash bishops, lament that the Church has “never been in worse shape,” and that every single solitary problem in the Church today is “due to Vatican II” and the “Novus Ordo” Mass. Stray too far from this, either by omission or commission, and I am in the hurt locker, the penalty box, and relegated to being no better than one of “them.”

Msgr. Charles Pope

5 thoughts on “But in recent years…

  1. My prayers are, and remain, with you and your confreres. God bless you all and your order.

    You have my profound thanks for your service and witness to Holy Church.

  2. I am sorry that you have had these troubles with Traditional minded Catholics. These types are probably the worst enemy of getting more acceptance for the Latin Mass. You see, I left the Church some 33 years ago because I wasn’t being spiritually feed and partially because I was a stupid youth. (I have always admired those who are able to sustain their spirituality despite the many abuses we have experienced in the Church.) Anyway, when I came back, it was a traditional TLM parish that helped me and I have met some of those types you mention. Many of these would belong to a SSPX parish if one was close. Others remain in the church but are bitter. They feel that it was the abuses that are allowed to continue that cause many souls to find the path to Hell. I have found that they are bitter because they feel helpless in saving these souls, some family, some friends. Most of those I know, like me left for many years, and again like me, came back to the Church through a very traditional Parish.

    They feel like Jesus driving the merchants out of the temple. They feel they are following his example. Personally, I tried to return to the Church for many years but it was only through the deep reverence and faith of those in my FSSP parish that helped me see how the graces of God received through the sacraments can help you overcome your inner most demons. I had many to overcome and with the help of Gods Grace, I was able to overcome them. Every Catholic in my diocese that I talked to for excouragement, the first thing they said was, I am Catholic but I disagree with the church because of XXXX. Not very encouraging.

    I too could easily have this attitude. I sometimes feel that if my fallen family members were only able to experience the reverence and holiness of the Extraordinary Form mass, they would return. (I know some would, my sister already told me she would return if the Church wasn’t promoting abortion, homosexual marriage, etc. You see, all she knows about the Church today is what Catholic politicians promote. Biden, Pilosi, etc. She says you will know Christians by their works, and she doesn’t like the works of most Catholic politicians.)

    Anyway, I personally know that just because something worked for me, it may not work for someone else. So during the week I serve at a Novus Ordo mass, and on Sundays I attend an EF mass. (Honestly, if I didn’t have to travel two hours to get to an EF mass, I would attend it daily. But I do recognize that the Novus Ordo mass is legitamate and holy.)

    I think that if I found a parish with a Novus Ordo mass that was done as reverently as the EF, I attend, and with all the bells and smells, and the Parishioners showed the same kind of reverence that I see when attending the EF mass, I would attend the Novus Ordo. I can understand English way better than Latin. But in the city I live in, after attending every mass I could find in the diocese, I couldn’t find one. That is why I took the long drive to check out the EF mass.

    The problem is that a few Traditional types can be angry and outspoken. Sadly, the are the ones that are the most vocal. This is much like many liberal Catholics but most of them left the Church already so we don’t have to deal with them. We need to pray for all of them.

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