5 thoughts on “Leader

  1. When he retires from the Australian Army, can we arrange for Lt. General Morrison to clean up American High School and College Football programs (see Steubenville, Ohio and the allegations against football players from the US Naval Academy), and more than a few corporations?

    Men, take note, and transcribe his words if you must. Be ready with them at social functions–study his demeanor and apply it to your own situations–we all have plenty of them. It’s time to stigmatize porn and sexual harrassment as the unmanliness that it truly is.

  2. Firstly I would to say that all this General has said is very good and right and it is worth of being supported!
    Secondly this video makes remind other post of this blog about pornography. Unfortunately nowadays pornography has become a huge problem of public heath (Could I say a huge sanitarian problem? Um tremendo problema de saúde pública). Throught pornography, the social engeeners has changed the behavior of whole generations, more than one generations has been afected by that plague. At certain point, people, wheter children, teenagers or adults, have absolutly no consciense of what is right or wrong and just follow or imitate the behaviour of the masses, the crows. Off course, the bad habits that have routes can’t be eliminated suddenly, but in certain time, someone has to say it’s enough! I think what that General is doing is absolutly right, but we have to think that will take a long time and will demand a hard, very hard job! God help him and all people who will make that job of reformation.

  3. There is an agenda that has as aim “wholly demoralize the societies of the world, wrecking their very fabric, by promoting every vice, including sexual depravity, […]. See the article A Clash of Civilizations on the website Terrorism and the Illuminati: A three thousand year history.

    We must not be naive to think there is no one or any group behind of these radical global changes of the human behavior.

  4. I’d like to make a correction. I meant crowds not crows. It was a typing error. I have to admite my spelling is very bad. I’m trying to get better at my spelling.

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