According to what was mentioned…

According to what was mentioned by Bishop Padovano, Francis exhorted him to be careful with the extremisms of certain Traditionalist groups, but also to treasure tradition and allow it to live in the Church along with innovation.

In order to better explain this last point, the Pope would have brought up his own example:

“See? They say that my Master of papal ceremonies [Guido Marini] is of a Traditionalist mold; and many, after my election, have asked me to remove him from his position and replace him. I have answered no, precisely because I myself may treasure his traditional formation, and at the same time he might take advantage of my more emancipated formation.”

Sandro Magister, quoting Pope Francis

1 thought on “According to what was mentioned…

  1. I am happy to read this! The Papal ceremonies are so beautiful. Msgr. Guido Marini does an amazing job with great humility and reverence. I really admire him.
    In Christ,

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