Yes, some small restorationist factions…

Yes, some small restorationist factions have continued to multiply; I call them fundamentalists. As you said, before this heap of uncertainties they tell young people: “Do this, do that.” So a seventeen- or eighteen-year-old boy or girl gets excited and they push them forward with rigid directives. And to be honest, they mortgage their lives at thirty, they burst because they were not properly prepared to overcome the thousand and one crises in life, or the thousand and one shortcomings that everyone has, or the thousand and one wrongs that they are going to commit. They do not have the proper criteria to know and understand the mercy of God, for example. This type of rigid religiosity is disguised with doctrines that claim to give justifications, but in reality deprive people of their freedom and do not allow them to grow as persons. A large number end up living a double life.

—Pope Francis, On Heaven and Earth

3 thoughts on “Yes, some small restorationist factions…

  1. Really great quote! I have noticed that Pope says. Here too in Brazil has grown many tradicinalist groups. I myself, in a not distant past, had became very fascinated with then. Fortunately in my region there isn’t any tradicionist group, … but I have noticed many signs of double life in many people, both tradicionalist and charismatic people, so on so forth.

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