Chivalry in Action?

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  1. Lol. Funny and interesting video! I find it proposes a very good reflection!
    He is in fact a gentleman But chivalry doesn’t work with the feminists.

  2. I had said this other time, but I think it’s worth to be said again. I’m not again chilvary, but nowadays Gender Ideology (ideologia de gênero), feminism is included in that ideology, that has changed women’s behavior and mentality completely so that the most of the women are not anymore able to appreciate chilvary. I’m not saying that is a license/permission to be rude with women, but it is a fact that many women feel offended by chilvary. Why do they feel that way? They feel that way because feminism teach then that chilvary are a form of male domination. So women have to be “independent”, “strong”, “free”. But, when the feminists proposes theses things, they mean actually that women have to be selfish, agressive and promiscous. A sign of the women’s brutalization is their faces. Let’s look at women’s face nowadays and we will see agressive faces, there aren’t any more sweet and kind women’s faces. I’m trying to share some photos of women’s face to you all as a prove that I’m saying.

    Father, please, don’t get me wrong. I’m criticising you. I’m just saying what I have seen in women’s behavior and that has been confirmed by some texts and lectures I have read and heard.

  3. I totally agree with Alex. I work in a hospital and the majority of the employees are women. They are so aggressive and crude it is unbelievable and many of them seem to hate men. I am 59 years old and I have seen a big change in the behavior of not only woman but men too. Men have become either more feminine or extremely macho. The reason for this I believe is that men have lost their direction or self identity. Men don’t know how to be men anymore and this is a reflection of the society we live in. Men no longer have role models who embody the true male spirit of our grandfathers and thier fathers before them.

  4. John, thank you for your endorsement to my comment! About Gender Ideology (feminism included), I have learned so much with two Brazilian priests. They are Fr. Luiz Carlos Lodi da Cruz, who is a leader of a pro-life moviment in Brazil, and also with Fr. Paulo Ricardo de Azevedo. If you understand Spanish, actually they speak Portuguese, but these languages are very similiar, you will understand their texts and preachings too. I would like to recomend some stuff of their priest, if Fr. Angelo allows me.

  5. Right now I’m listening a preaching of Padre Paulo Ricardo about women’s dignity. The abstract of his preaching says:
    “The social engineering is also reaching women. Giving her a false freedom and power, changes her nature and destroys the dignity conferred by God himself. How to resist this onslaught? How to recover lost dignity? As the clothes and how to behave can influence the position of women in society?”
    (I used Google to translate that paragraph).
    49. Modéstia, como as mulheres devem se portar – Parte 1

  6. Are you all for real? Father Angelo, that video made women look incredibly stupid. I’m sorry to see you post it. You could have made your point in another way!
    Alex, you come off as a woman hater; misoginist. You cannot evaluate any woman’s ideology toward feminism by looking at her face! You can only really know her by walking in her shoes.

    John, if a man is effeminate it’s by his choice, just as it is a man’s choice to be chivalrous! If a woman is crude….harsh…. Pray for her. She didn’t come into the world that way, and you don’t know what circumstances came into her lfe to change her!

    How dare you label another human being. We are all children of God, we are all redeemed by the price of Christ’s blood, and we ALL fall short of perfection!!!!!

    Why don’t you ‘men’ spend more time reflecting on your own weaknesses (take the beam out of your own eye before you try to pull the splinter out of someone else’s!).

    I’ll pray I see the day when men chose to be chivalrous… that would include not bad mouthing women!

    Ave Maria!

  7. While praying the Divine Mercy chaplet it dawned on me how much charity is lost the moment a person, or group of persons, begins labeling someone else (or another group of people). What comes from the mouth initiates from the heart. “That person is such and such, therefore I won’t take the time to get to know him, her, or them” You, we, have placed a limit, boundary, on our love, the love we are commanded by our Lord to give away, “love one another as I have loved you”. You, we, have lost the ability to be lights to the world for God’s glory.

    Alex, John, and the rest of the men reading this….many woman carry crosses that are known only to God. And women don’t always carry those crosses with charity. If you truly prescribe to the ideals of chivalry do what you can to understand them, help them out if it is within your power. If you cannot do anything for them in deed, be kind in word. If kindness isn’t received with grace then pray for the women who are falling short. Ladies, we can do the exact same thing for those men who are less than ideal in our eyes.

    If we do not stop labeling one another we will never be true Christians. We will still be working for Satan, even in a small way….though working for Satan at all is a big sin.

    We are called to universal holiiness…”Be thou perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect”….Our Father in heaven loves us all …. those with gentle sweet faces, and those who have faces which have become a little hardened.

    • Dear Marie
      I appreciate what you are saying. My comment was in regards to how different our society is today. I have worked in health care for 30 years and the young women coming out of nursing school are a different kind of nurse than the ones of 10, 20 or 30 years ago. Again with that said the young men I meet today are also different. I truly do understand the difficulty some of these young people are facing today. Many of the young women are single moms who went into nursing because of the good wages. Many of the young men do not have good male role models in their lives which affects how they should act as a male. We live in difficult times and through out the years I have learned not to judge others because we do not know what their life journey has been. I have met many individuals who have tried to commit suicide or are alcoholics or drug attics and some of them I have had the opportunity to sit down and talk to them and when they reveal their life story, it is so sad and you begin to wonder “what would I do in their situation. It is truly a fine line and if one does not have a good support system or a faith of some kind, one could fall off the edge into a life of misery. Sorry to ramble on.

  8. As you can see my 2:46 posting has a little irritation in it because of the littleness I saw in the minds of men. After spending some time in prayer, and looking at my original post, I can see that I, too, need to take my own advice. No labeling. Please forgive my rashness.

    This world would be paradise if we only followed our Lord’s command to love one another!

  9. I don’t think the video was meant to offend anyone, just some humor. I thought it was funny. On the flip side, here is a funny video about men not wanting to ask for directions. Enjoy!

    In Christ,

  10. Marian,
    You don’t need to defend Father Angelo. He has an appreciation for satire, this I know.
    My comments were to reproach the lack of charity I saw for women. Once a man loses his capacity to revere women he has no problem offending them in any fashion imaginable. And this I know from personal experience.
    Ave Maria!

  11. Father Angelo, I am sure I could have used kinder words to express my dismay at the video you posted. Forethought, and consideration of the feelings of others is not one of my strong points. My apologies for correcting you the way I did.
    Ave Maria!

  12. John,
    Thank you for your response. I am old enough 50+ to remember how the world once was and miss it terribly. I have been blessed to be able to stay at home and raise my children and not see what you see. My interactions with people became quite limited. What I know of the world comes off the Internet, I’m sorry to say.
    We need to abandon outselves to God’s plan. If He is allowing all of this to happen in the world than we should be as patient and as accepting as He is. He loves us more than we love ourselves and God allows brings good from evil.
    Abandonment to God’s will, and keeping one’s peace of heart is the road to our sanctity, and will help those around us. Charity in thought, word, and deed. Thanks for trying to help those you come into contact with….you are planting seeds.
    God bless you. 🙂

  13. Marie, your understanding of God’s love and mercy is wrong. Of course, God is love and merciful, but we can’t see God as easygoing father (um pai bonação, I don’t know how to say that word in English). A father that closes his eyes for everything wrong that happens around us. You have been misrepresented God’s love and mercy.

    Beside that, Jesus teachs too about fraternal correction (correção fraterna). And omission is a sin too. Truth and love have to go together. Caritas in veritatem!

    All I have said is true. And it is easy to notice. We can say many things about people due to their faces and corporal language. I love psychology and I know many things about that issue.

    And just because I said the truth that doesn’t mean I’m a women hater or misogynist. Belive me! I love women! Otherwise, have you thought before that there are women that hate men? They are “andrófobas”. They have “androfobia”. (I don’t know how to say these words in English.) They have hate for men! That’s a very evident fact nowadays. Please read my previous comments again and you are going to see I was just showing something that the most of the women are incapable to notice because of social engeenering that their mothers and themselfs have been submited to.

    Saying the truth is a form of charity.

  14. Since sixties, that is, sex revolution, the human civilization, not only in the Western, but in the whole world, has been changed radically. The goal is the total destruction of the Christian society. It started with the right to divorce, sexual liberation until nowadays with the gayzist movement (we have to distinguish between gay people and gayzists). Who are the people behind of that plot against Christians? It’s dangerous to say because that people are retaliating people. But we can say that are secret societies (satanic societies).

  15. The video that Marian shared is an example of exchange of roles, inversion of roles. The man is a kind of effeminate man and the woman is a masculinized women. I know Marian’s intention is share something funny, but I couldn’t notice that. Nowadays men and women’s identity are so confused that both aren’t any more able to know what’s the specify identify of one of them, identidy that was given by God and not constructed by society as Gender Ideology wants to impose.

    I remembered an word that express women’s hate for men: misandry! (misandria). I’m sorry to insist on that point, but the blindness of most of people about that matter is so severe that saying that is a work of mercy and I’m not being ironic.

    • Dear Alex
      There is a real problem today in our world in regards to the roles of men and women. It isn’t the fault of women and not all women hate men. The fault is in the way our society is set up today. Women have become more aggressive out of necessity because of the lack of male participation in family life. A large amount of men under 45 years old are still stuck in a teenage mentality and are not very responsible. So the burden of raising a family has fallen upon the wife/mother to make sure the family is taken care of. These women don’t hate men but their experience with men hasn’t been good.

      I know the world is messed up and can be very frustrating when it comes to interacting with people. There is a lack of respect towards each other in our world and where is the blame? I feel it is in a society that is influenced by the media. The values of this world are determined by the entertainment industry and advertisement. The values of our ancestors are no longer taught to our children and all this effects the relationship of men and women and structure of the family and this in return effects our society and is causing a general dumbing down of people.

      There are groups of women who hate men but I feel they are a small minority. There are men who hate women and these may be a bigger majority. These “macho men” think women are only there for their needs only. What is the answer to all this? I don’t know. I have tried to raise my sons to respect women and to treat them as equal human beings. I have also tried to raise my girls to be self sufficient and not to have to relie on others. I have tried to raise both my sons and daughter to respect themselves and others. I did my best but society still is a influence so I just hope that in the end what I taught them is the stronger influence.

  16. Alex Benedictus on May 26, 2013 at 12:43 pm said:
    ~~”Marie, your understanding of God’s love and mercy is wrong. Of course, God is love and merciful, but we can’t see God as easygoing father (um pai bonação, I don’t know how to say that word in English). A father that closes his eyes for everything wrong that happens around us. You have been misrepresented God’s love and mercy.”~~

    From everything I havve read that you post you demonstrate fear and agitation with the world. You complain about everything in it. You do not have any peace in your heart. I won’t insult your intelligence by quoting Scripture, or books written by the saints. I will only tell you that anyone who lacks peace is not following the Spirit of God.
    I believe it’s the humble soul the recognizes his or her limitations in changing the world as it is. It’s that same soul who knows that God is in control. I never said in any of my comments that God closes his eyes to the world’s evil. Perhaps you might wish to consider the Passion of Christ. The greatest evil that man could commit was to hang his God on a Cross! And what did the Father do with this great sin? He (the Trinity) gave the world Holy Mother Church!!!
    These people you complain about….you have no idea, whatsoever, when God will grant that great grace of conversion to them. You can’t assume that because you see sin in them they will always be a great sinner….recall St Augustine!

    Alex, you only frustrate yourself by looking at web sites that reveal the evils of the world. This is the work of the devil. Spend your time accentuating the positives of life, of the Faith. Love is very attractive!

    ~~”Beside that, Jesus teachs too about fraternal correction (correção fraterna). And omission is a sin too. Truth and love have to go together. Caritas in veritatem!”~~

    Alex, it is not always in our power, or in the best interest, to speak to someone who is in error. It takes a bit of wisdom/prudence to know when to speak, when to act, and when to remain silent and just pray for one’s conversion. St Francis took one of his Brothers through the streets of a town to convert sinners. He said nothing the entire way. The Brother did understand the silence. St Francis said to him, ” and some times we need to speak”. They converted many to the Faith that day!

    Heres’ a book recommendation for you:
    “Searching forr and Maintaining Peace ~ A Small Treatise on Peace of Heart” by Father Jacques Phillipe

    The peace of Christ be with you, Alex!


  17. John,
    Well said. Seems we hold the same ideals as parents. I have three sons, and two daughters.
    God bless you, and your family.

  18. Alex.
    I wish you every happiness. May God bless you with peace and joy, with loving friends, and with the gift of patience for your fellow man (and woman).
    A sister in Christ.
    Ave Maria!

  19. Wow, I am surprised some of the content on this thread has remained here. Alex, sorry I am not going to watch your video and imo you shouldn’t be watching videos like that either.

    I think mutual respect and avoiding prideful, extreme behaviors are what is most important. My video was meant to be a comical dramatization of an extreme. Maybe I have watched too many Honeymooners reruns (sitcom from the 50’s). 🙂


    • I apologize to everyone for letting that video get up and stay up. I did not look at it until Marian pointed it out.

      Alex, I have asked you, I don’t know how many times, to please stay on topic. I have to say that I am very often inclined to delete the links and videos that you insert into your comments. You also habitually post in strings of consecutive comments that do not seem relevant.

      I really do not want to ban you, because I think you have really good will and you seem like a respectful person. Please get the point.

      Please do not post an apology or a commentary on this. Just get the point.

  20. Oh my gosh, it was funny, ok? It was about how men always try to fix things, and women don’t often need the “thing” fixed, they just need someone to listen. Men and women are different. My husband and I laughed, it is something we talk about in our relationship. I have said to him right out in certain situations “I am not asking you to fix this, I am just venting.” A bit of levity is good for the soul.

    • Hi Jane
      Thank God for your comment. This discussion has been a little heated (having added my own comments to the whole thing) and became very serious. Having stepped away from all this for a day the whole thing is a little comical. You are right, men and women are very different in how they look at the world. I guess that is why we seek out a mate so we can become balanced.

  21. I would just like to thank Marie for her good wishes for me. Thank you, Marie! God bless you! Your brother in Christi. Tuo fratello in Cristo.

  22. “I don’t want you to fix it, I just want you to listen.” I’m not the guy in the video but it is an actor playing me. Hilarious.

  23. Funny video. Taken a smidge too seriously by some here, I’m afraid. Wrap some exaggeration, or caricature, around a kernel of human truth and you have comedy. Why not just roll with it and allow yourself to laugh. With so much real trouble in our fallen world to concern ourselves with, I’d vote to avoid finding it where it isn’t.
    I have to think God likes to see us amused, as long a sin isn’t part of the equation. It’s been called “the best medicine” in times past for good reason.
    (PS-I wanted to reach in and grab that nail myself… just hysterical!)

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