Pope Francis Answers Questions

3 thoughts on “Pope Francis Answers Questions

  1. Beautiful. Such a simple, pure and holy message. I had no idea that we had more martyrs for the Faith today than in the first century. I am truly guilty of not praying for these poor, suffering souls on a daily basis. God forgive me and all of us who get lost in the minutia of our lives.

  2. Don’t feel guilty, Jen, I think the old adage, ‘out of sight out of mind’ applies to our not praying for the Christians who are witnessing (martyr) over seas. St Faustina was known to pray the Divine Mercy chaplet for the dying. And since God is not confined to time or space, like we are, any prayers, chaplets, that we offer now could be applied to the Christian souls who were murdered for their faith.
    I loved how the Holy Father said, “No more Pope Francis!….Jesus! Jesus!”

    I see beautiful things happening in the world with this Holy Father sitting in Peter’s Chair. 🙂
    May Mary’s mantle protect him always…

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