The Quiet Witness of a Catholic Sportsman

From William Doino

If you love sports, as I do–and/or are interested in how our faith often interacts with them–you might like reading my new First Things “On the Square” column, attached via link below, on Tom Konchalski– a legendary Catholic basketball scout (and graduate of Fordham), whom I was able to interview recently.

One of the reasons I so appreciate writing is because, in doing so, I frequently come across wonderful people like this, whose quite witness in a chaotic world serve to remind us about the importance of what Russell Kirk memorably called “the permanent things.” There are unrecognized saints among us, and one of them just might be Mr. Konchalski.

“Tom Konchalksi’s Quiet Witness”

3 thoughts on “The Quiet Witness of a Catholic Sportsman

  1. The evening news likes to keep us focused on those in the world who do great evil. We’ve certainly seen our share right here in New England this past year. And, generally if the news wants to talk about someone of ‘Faith’ it’s usually someone who has greatly compromised the teachings of that Faith — especially the Catholic Faith. It’s so nice to read about someone who quietly lives out his Faith in a field that everyone worships!!! People seem to worship sports and the gods who play them. Yet, as Mr. Konchalski attests, there is much good that occurs in sports. And it’s these quiet individuals who humbly lead others to Christ just by using their God-given gifts to do a job well, without the need for accolades or pomp. In his quiet way, He loves those he serves and they all know it!

    Thanks for the Good News via this article. I, for one, needed it.

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